Makeup Artist Insurance

Makeup artists are responsible for applying cosmetics to their clients in a professional manner. They are experienced with various skin tones, proper makeup applying techniques and listening to the client to give them a makeup application they want for a specific occasion or event. As a makeup artist, you also have risks such as contamination of products used on multiple people that can cause illness or infection, products that may cause allergic reactions to some clients or general business risks. Protect these risks by getting up-to-date business insurance policies.


Types of Makeup Artist Insurance


There is more than one type of business insurance policy appropriate for makeup artists. Read through and consider the following policies:


Makeup Artist General Liability Insurance


General liability insurance is essential for all makeup artists. Many of your risks are related to the services you provide, which are covered under general liability as completed operations. Additionally, premises liability is included which protects you against costs related to a client injuring themselves while in your place of business.


Makeup Artist Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance


An important business insurance policy to have as a makeup artist is professional liability.It will offer coverage if a client claims that the services you provided harmed or injured them in some way. For example, the foundation you used and claimed would not harm their clothes, might have stained an expensive piece of clothing that they had to replace. You may be liable for the damage, but professional liability covers any legal costs.


Makeup Artist Product Liability Insurance


As a makeup artist, you may sell various makeup products or accessories like brushes and moisturizer. Your products could malfunction or cause allergic reaction to your customers and clients. Protect your business from the legal disputes and medical costs with a product liability insurance policy.


Makeup Artist Commercial Auto Insurance


If you use a vehicle to meet clients for a makeup consultation, pick up supplies or go on business errands, you need to have a commercial insurance policy, along with your other makeup artist insurance policies. Business auto provides coverage if you get into a collision which causes vehicle damage or bodily injury, as well as optional coverage of theft and vandalism. For example, if you are visiting a client and your car is hit while parked on the street, the damage is covered by business auto insurance.


Makeup Artist Business Property Insurance


Unexpected events like natural disasters, extreme weather such as rain or snow storms, and fire or flood can cause significant damage to your building and contents. While you may not be able to prevent the event, you can still protect your business from the damage with a business property insurance. So if there is a fire that reaches your building, any damage to be repaired or items lost during the fire, will be covered by the business property insurance policy according to its terms.


Makeup Artist Cyber Liability Insurance


If you sell makeup or cosmetic accessories online, you should also have a policy to protect against cyber crimes; cyber liability insurance is essential. Cyber crimes can occur even with the best security available, so the best thing you can do is have coverage. Cyber crimes like hacking into your website, stealing customer info and forging payment for supplies are covered by cyber liability insurance.


Makeup Artist Workers’ Compensation


Most states require workers’ compensation insurance for employees as it is the best coverage you can give your employees. Workers comp offers coverage for work-related injury and illness. If an employee is applying makeup that causes an allergic reaction on their hands, the medical bills are covered by worker’s comp. Injuries like repetitive motion injury are common among makeup artists, with recovery also being covered by this policy.


Makeup Artist Crime Insurance


Crimes are an unfortunate risk of makeup artists and cosmetology companies. As a makeup artist, you are at risk of dishonest employee practices, theft of your makeup supplies and theft or embezzlement of money. Protect your business from these crimes by getting a crime insurance policy. With the policy, you aren’t liable for the loss experienced.


As a makeup artist, you want to provide your client with flawless makeup and continue doing business. Many risks can cause you to lose your assets or business itself, so by obtaining makeup artist insurance you ensure this doesn’t happen.