Linen and Bedding Store Insurance

Linen and bedding stores are a specific type of housewares stores selling all types of bedding. This includes sheets, pillow cases, shams, comforters and duvet covers. You might also sell other housewares for the bedroom or bathroom, like area rugs, towels, throw pillows, bed pillows, sheets, window coverings, home decor and accessories. Due to your types of products, property damage from unexpected events is a significant risk, along with general liabilities and shoplifting risks. Choose linen and bedding store insurance for adequate protection.

Types of Linen and Bedding Store Insurance

The following insurance policies are the most important ones for linen and bedding stores, and cover a wide range of risks.

Linen and Bedding Store General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a must have policy for your linen and bedding store. It includes three different areas of coverage: premises liability, products liability and completed operations. Completed operations is for any services you provide, such as cleaning services or custom-made bedding. If it causes an injury, loss or damage, you’re responsible for the costs. Premises liability includes injuries on your premises, such as a customer slipping on a freshly-waxed floor and is injured.

Linen and Bedding Store Product Liability Insurance

Product liability is usually included in general liability policies. Your products may cause illness or injury, such as if a sheet is made with a chemical that causes an illness to a customer, or a home decorative item that breaks and causes a customer’s hand to be cut and need stitches.

Linen and Bedding Store Commercial Auto Insurance

If you or your employees use a personal vehicle for business errands, like going to the bank or post office, you should be covered with a business auto insurance policy. This is a commercial linen and bedding store insurance policy including coverage from bodily injury or car damage, along with theft or vandalism if you choose these overages. For example, if you are parked at your supplier’s office and someone vandalizes your vehicle, the policy covers the repairs.

Linen and Bedding Store Business Property Insurance

Much of your items have the potential to be destroyed quickly from fire, flood, extreme weather or natural disasters. But if you have a business property insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about the loss. The policy helps make necessary repairs to your building, and can replace destroyed items, like blankets, sheets or other linens in your store.

Linen and Bedding Store Cyber Liability Insurance

If you have an online linen and bedding store, protect your business with a cyber liability insurance policy. You may have a hacker get into your site and steal your customer’s personal or financial information. The customer will sue you for damages, so you’re now responsible for legal costs. With cyber liability insurance, these costs are covered.

Linen and Bedding Store Workers’ Compensation

You should also have protection for your employees, with the help of a workers’ compensation policy. Your linen and bedding store may seem like it has few chances of injury to your workers, but employees could get a repetitive motion injury if they work the cash register eight hours a day. This may mean hand, wrist or shoulder injuries, all of which are covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Linen and Bedding Store Crime Insurance

Your linen and bedding store also needs protection from various crimes, like dishonest employee acts, vandalism or shoplifting. If a customer steals accessories from your store while you’re with another customer, that loss will be covered by the crime insurance policy. But don’t let it keep you from other security measures, like surveillance equipment and choosing your employees carefully.

By choosing from these linen and bedding store insurance policies, you have the protection you need. You’re protecting your assets, business and employees by having the right portfolio of insurance policies.