What to Know about Wi-Fi Video Connected Doorbells

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Also referred to as smart doorbells, Wi-Fi video-connected doorbells are all the rage these days among people who adore technology and always want to have the newest toys with the coolest features. Before you dive in and buy though, there are a few potential pros and cons to bear in mind when it comes to using smart doorbells on your home.

The Convenience Wi-Fi Doorbells Offer

More than 50 years ago, the Jetsons fired up our imaginations with flying cars that fold up into briefcases and wonder-robots who do all the cooking and cleaning. While this futuristic vision hasn’t played out yet, we do have many modern conveniences the Jetsons probably never dreamed of. One of those modern marvels is the Wi-Fi connected doorbell.

Equipped with a video camera and a Wi-Fi connection, smart doorbells allow you to not only see who is at your door, but also let you answer it from anywhere you happen to be, whether inside the house or out on the town.You can give instructions to delivery men or even chat with a friend who stops by unannounced when you’re away.

Some may work hand in hand with Wi-Fi enabled locks that allow you to unlock your door remotely when children forget their keys, visitors come in from out of town, or when you want packages left inside your home rather than on your porch.

Safety is also a big priority with smart doorbells. The video camera functions include recording capabilities. You can see who is ringing the bell before answering and know who is lurking around your doorstep when you aren’t at home.

Wi-Fi Vulnerability

While some view Wi-Fi video connected doorbells as the must-have item of the year, CNET warns that your smart doorbell may leave your home network vulnerable to hackers.

. Most manufacturers have become aware of the problem and have created firmware updates and security fixes to close holes that hackers could easily exploit.

Still, it’s always a good idea to understand what your insurance policy covers. A quick chat with your independent insurance agent can affirm whether your current homeowners coverage is enough to protect you in the event a hacker gets into your system or if you need additional coverage specifically related to cyber security.

Wi-Fi connected doorbells offer plenty of conveniences to homeowners with relatively few risks – especially if you take precautions to keep the software updated. Of course, you will want to spend a little extra time, before you buy, choosing the one that offers the widest selection of features to satisfy your needs best and that works best with your home.