Just give me the facts about Basic Business Insurance

You built a business by paying attention to your client’s needs. At BOLT Insurance,
we have done the same with our insurance solutions for business services. We are
a trusted Independent Agent that has a complete understanding of the risks you face.
The commercial general liability policy includes many enhancements over the years
and its important to understand them. Given today’s litigious society, these insurance
“extras” are more essential than ever. Highlighted below are a few of the ways a
BOLT recommended policy would protect you if others claim your business is legally
responsible for their loss or injury.

Let’s Review Enhanced General Liability Coverage’s

CoverageHow You Will Benefit
Damage to Premises Rented to YouOur policy will pay up to a specified limit if you are responsible for damages to
the premises you rent or occupy if the damage results from fire, lightning or explosion.
Personal and advertising injuriesOur policy is designed, to protect your business from claims of false arrest, malicious
prosecution, libel, slander, wrongful eviction, discrimination or humiliation, or
invasion of the right of privacy. We can also protect you if others claim you infringed
on their copyrights in your advertisements or that you copied their advertising
Medical PaymentsThis coverage is designed to pay applicable medical costs if someone is injured
on your premises and needs medical treatment.
Additional Insured’sIf a written contract requires you to name someone else as an additional insured
on your policy, we’ll automatically extend that status to them. We will also provide
them with primary coverage if that’s required by contract.
Bodily Injury and Property Damage LiabilityIf your business is held liable for someone’s injury or property damage, The BOLT
recommended policy would help protect you against financial loss.
Computer FraudThis coverage helps protect you if someone steals your money, securities or other
property “electronically” through the computer.
Employment Practices LiabilityThis coverage is designed to protect employers who are sued for sexual harassment,
wrongful termination or discrimination.

OK, what about my Business Property?

Today’s Business Owners Protection product has tailored a complete array of insurance
coverage’s to meet the distinctive needs of today’s small businesses. Highlighted
below are some of the key ways we can help you protect the huge investment you have
in equipment as well as your buildings and other business property.

Review these Enhanced Property Coverage’s

CoverageHow You Will Benefit
Building and Business Personal PropertyThis coverage pays to repair or replace your property, including your inventory,
office furniture or fixtures if they are damaged by fire or other covered loss.
Tenant ObligationsAs a tenant, you may have to pay for certain building damage caused by a break-in,
damage to building glass, and lease assessments. If so, our policy can cover these
financial responsibilities.
Computers and MediaNot only does our policy include this in our definition of covered property, we
provide a large, flexible limit so you can tailor your policy to fit your needs.
Protects your investment in computer technology by reimbursing you for:

Physical loss or damage to your computer hardware;

Loss of data or computer software;

Damage caused by computer virus.

Worldwide Coverage for Laptop Computers and Other Portable Computer EquipmentBOLT Agency’s can tailor coverage for businesses that automatically protects your
portable computer equipment anywhere in the world while it’s in the possession of
your employees traveling on authorized company business, except when checked as
Computer FraudThis coverage helps protect you if someone steals your money, securities or other
property “electronically” through the computer.
Accounts ReceivableThis coverage protects you if you are unable to collect outstanding balances because
your account records are lost or damaged due to a covered cause of loss.
Property in TransitThis coverage protects your business personal property if a covered loss or damage
occurs during shipment.
Off-Premises Utility Services—Business IncomeOff–Premises Utility Services–Business Income provision covers property and/or income
loss due to an interruption in your communication, water or power supply services.
Coverage is subject to a waiting period.

The information provided in this material is intended to be general and advisory
in nature and should not be considered legal advice. Certain coverage and features
and vary by state and may not be available to all insureds. All coverages are individually