Janitorial Bond Insurance

Whether janitorial, maid, carpet, or house cleaning service, managing a business that provides cleaning services for other businesses or homes can lead to feelings of worry and uncertainty. Even if you trust your employees implicitly, the fact of the matter is you and your business can be in hot water if a client’s belongings disappear (or if the client claims they disappeared). Not only are your clients vulnerable to a financial loss from the actions of a dishonest worker, but you are too.

Fortunately, janitorial bond insurance can protect you and your small business against a financial loss that could result from employee dishonesty. You can feel more at ease while your employees are on the job knowing that you have a janitorial bond in place. A member of the surety bond family, janitorial bonds may be especially reassuring when employees are working when no one else is in the office, such as in early morning or late evening.
What’s more, most clients require that a cleaning-based business to have a janitorial bond insurance or surety bond in place for protection of their assets. By letting your clients know you are covered by a janitorial bond, you’re also letting them know that you’re looking out for their best interests.
Having janitorial bond insurance can help you drum up more business too, because a potential client is more likely to hire a company that has janitorial bond insurance in place than one that doesn’t.
Cleaning contractors are used not only by homeowners, but by businesses, restaurants, schools, and hotels. As a result, the potential exists for the theft of all kinds of assets, including cash, jewelry, office supplies, computer hardware, and electronic devices to name of few:
Examples of typical claims:

  • An employee was cleaning the offices of a graphics design company and noticed an
    iPad sitting on one of the desks. The employee stole it.
  • A newly hired employee stole $2,000 from your restaurant’s cash register.

In all these cases, a janitorial bond provides protection financial coverage for the theft of these goods.
If your business is such that you could be vulnerable to employee theft, a janitorial bond or surety bond is must have protection.