Is Your State One of the Top 10 for Hail Damage Claims?

Is your state amongst the top ten states that are often hit with the most hail damage claims? According to a report published by State Farm, below are the following states that experience  the most commercial hail damage claims in 2014.

  1. Texas
  2. Illinois
  3. Colorado
  4. Missouri
  5. Nebraska
  6. South Carolina
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. Iowa
  9. South Dakota
  10. Kansas

With over 50,000 claims in Texas, 43,821 claims in Illinois,  and nearly 43,000 in Colorado, these three states have the most hail damage insurance claims in the nation.  Kansas, Iowa and South Dakota are the states with lowest number of claims with under 15,000 hail damage insurance claims each filed last year.

Spotting Hail Damage

Hail is a form of precipitation characterized by pellets of frozen rain. Hail can cause extensive damage to automobiles, homes, and commercial property. In some cases determining whether your commercial property has been damaged by hail is relatively simple. However, there are instances in which identifying hail damage isn’t obvious. What are some signs that your property has experienced hail damage?

  • Random patterns of strike marks on the property.
  • Series of dents and cracks.
  • Scratches in windshield.

Types of Commercial Hail Damage

Hail damage can also affect a business’s ability to operate as normal when an organization’s commercial property is wrecked. Some of the most common commercial hail damage includes:

  • Damage to Exterior Appliances. Air conditioning systems such as AC/HVAC units can sustain damage during a hailstorm. Hail can destroy the fins in the air conditioning unit which decreases the efficiency of the system.
  • Roof Damage. The majority of commercial hail damage cases involve damage to the roof of business building. A wrecked shingle can allow water to seep through the roof, which creates additional damage. Hail can also damage the roof deck and weakened its support structure.
  • Window and Siding Damage. Wind driven hail can cause the siding of a commercial building to crack, chip and it may even result in the formation of holes. In addition, hail can cause the glass from windows to break and it even can damage the seals on windows.
  • Vehicle Damage. Commercial vehicles are also subject to damage from a hail storm. Damage may include a cracked windshield, dents on the hood and roof of the car as well as broken windows.

As a small business owner, it’s essential to protect yourself from accidental damage that can occur from unpredictable weather by having commercial property insurance.