Is Your Small Business Listed in These Directory Websites?

Directory websites give consumers an opportunity to explore their options when it comes to finding the right business to provide the goods or services they need. Sadly, few businesses today are taking advantage of the benefits being listed in these directories, many of which are free, provides.

If you’re running a small business today, you need to have your business listed on at least three kinds of directory websites:

1)   Industry Specific Directories

2)   Local Business Directories

3)  Global Business Directories

Listing your business website in multiple directories not only helps to boost your SEO rankings, but it also helps raise your exposure in your community and industry — especially if you take the time to list your business in both types of directories. Below you’ll find a few great directories to help you get started. Keep in mind though, that this is often a popularity contests and the more directories your business is listed in, the better it is for your business.

Google Places for Business

This free service, by Google, allows business owners to list their businesses. Business owners may also add directions, maps, photos, addresses, and more. The Google name carries a lot of search engine power. It makes good business sense to have your business included in this giant’s local business directory.


Yelp is a local directory that prides itself on offering everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to local directories. Yelp may not have the muscle of Google when it comes to local search, but it’s becoming a real powerhouse, among directories.

Yelp is a high-traffic site for local businesses. Be warned, though, that visitors post reviews: the good, the bad, and the ugly about your business on Yelp. A good review goes a long way to boost business but a negative review may have you engaging in a little damage control.


While LinkedIn is better known for individual profiles, however it is a high traffic site that is widely respected among businesses and professionals alike. Adding your small business to this free directory that includes many powerhouse businesses and brands associates you with these industry elite movers and shakers and helps you gain respect and recognition in your community.

Foursquare for Business

Foursquare has more than 45 million members and is home to 1.5 million business listings. This is a somewhat unique situation among business directories in that your customers, the people who frequent your business, are the ones who do the promoting for you. They check in and let everyone know they’re there.

The more people “checking in” the more popular your business appears, and often becomes. The bottom line is that your business gets free advertisements from your customers every single time they check in.

The Yellow Pages has been a standard for decades when it comes to local business information. The old standard for information regarding local businesses has evolved to embrace the digital age with great effect.


Yahoo! is another powerful brand in the online world. Yahoo! allows business owners to list their businesses and offers additional services business owners may be interested in purchasing as well. Your listing can be categories by industry and niche.


CitySearch is another social directory that allows users or customers to review their experiences with your business. It’s a high-traffic site that offers many benefits and a few risks as well.

DMOZ is  huge human-edited directory. The site has a simple interface that provides step-by-step instructions on how to add your site to its directory.

Don’t forget to include at least one professional associations website directories for your business too. For example, professional associates have directories for attorneys, dentists, and the like. You don’t have to spend one day in a marathon session of website directory additions. Include a few a day, to provide a broader impact for your business.