Is My New Pergola Covered by My Homeowners Insurance Policy?

pergola homeowners insurance

Outdoor structures can protect you from the elements, provide shade and simply be a place to entertain or relax. A pergola is one such structure and is used to provide shelter for seating areas and cover walkways. It is typically rectangular in shape and has four legs holding up its roof which is commonly flat and open and consists of horizontal wood planks. Typically, a pergola adjoins a home to serve as an elegant outdoor setting or sits in your garden.

Like your home and other structures, you need to ensure your pergola is covered with the proper amount of homeowners insurance. This type of outdoor structure is generally included in your homeowner’s insurance policy since it is considered a detached structure from your home similar to a shed or garage. The coverage is around 10 percent of your overall home structure insurance, reports the Insurance Information Institute.

How Contents in your Pergola Are Covered

The amount of coverage you have for any items stored inside your pergola will typically be derived from your home insurance coverage. However, this depends on your insurance provider. Your policy may include this personal belonging coverage in your base policy, which wouldn’t cost you any extra money on your policy.

It’s always a good idea to be careful about what you store in your pergola. For example, you may consider plastic or vinyl furniture instead of cloth since cloth fabric probably won’t hold up to extreme weather, insects and more and this type of damage wouldn’t generally be covered by your insurance.

When Your Pergola is not Covered

Your homeowners policy has certain exclusions. Two of the most common perils that are not covered are floods and earthquakes, for example. So, if your pergola is damaged in a flood, it wouldn’t be covered unless you have purchased separate coverage (or a peril) for it. Homeowner’s exclusions like these will differ between providers and states, however.

Always let your independent insurance agent know if you have added on any additions or structures to or outside your home, including your new pergola. You want to be sure it’s covered. Remember, you also want to factor replacement costs for your new pergola into your policy as well, so talk with your insurance agent to ensure this is covered in the event of insured damage that happens to it.