Is My Boat Safe in the Harbor?

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During the winter you may dock your boat in the harbor, but when you come for it in the springtime, will you find it wrecked? Snow and ice can build up quickly and damage your boat if you leave it for the season unattended without proper maintenance. There’s always the chance of a tidal surge. And then you have hurricanes to worry about, depending on where you live. So, how do you keep your boat safe in the harbor?

Choose the Harbor

It’s important that you choose a harbor that gets your boat out of the surf and protects it from rough waters that storms cause. The harbor should have a narrow entrance channel where hurricane swells can’t get into. It should have an entrance that’s gated with 24-hour security. It should also come with a harbormaster that’s outside all the time.

Get Boat Insurance

In addition to ensuring the harbor is safe and provides protection for your boat, you also need to protect your boat with boat insurance, also referred to as watercraft insurance. Now, if you’re thinking you already have boat insurance coverage through your homeowners insurance, keep in mind, this is typically only the case when you park it out in your driveway.  The fact is, there are a number of restrictions homeowner insurance policies place on boat owners depending on the horsepower, size, and damage coverage you’re looking for.

Basically, you’re likely underinsured or not insured at all if you don’t have a separate boat insurance policy, and this can devastate your financial situation if your boat sustains damage. And, you can’t buy coverage after your boat is wrecked in the harbor. Therefore, consider boat insurance as a protective shield and ensure you have adequate coverage beforehand.

When you’re shopping for boat insurance, don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest policy you can get since you may leave yourself under-insured. Remember, insurance companies are different with the structuring of a policy that will cover you properly. Insurance policies don’t come in a one-size-fits-all structure. It’s important you work closely with your independent insurance agent in order to compare boat insurance quotes to get the right amount of boat insurance that fits your specific needs.

So, choose your harbor wisely. Plan ahead how you will tie your boat and purchase the necessary fenders and lines for protection.

Remember, once they issue that hurricane warning, it’s already too late.

If your boat must stay in the water, there are options available to you to help protect it.

Dry Dock

Have the marina place your boat in a safe boat hangar in dry dock. Be sure you make arrangements in advance to ensure they safely secure your boat before a storm hits.


Anchor your boat in a harbor that has a bottom that provides good anchor hold. For this option, you would need anchors that are heavy, however, your vessel can respond to changes in the water and wind more easily this way without the danger of striking other boats or the dock. To anchor in this manner, it’s recommended that you have three points of contact with the harbor bottom.

Most importantly, get your boat covered with the right amount of boat insurance. No matter how safe and secure the harbor you choose is or how well you prepare for an upcoming storm, things happen and you want to ensure you have proper coverage for your boat so you don’t lose your treasured investment.

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