Internet Business Insurance

Owning and operating an Internet-based business can be a rewarding career, and one that is highly profitable with the right business plan and marketing methods. However, while your business may be very successful, it also poses a variety of risks. Pursuant to the heightened security risks of having an Internet business, internet business insurance becomes an important part of your business plan to ensure the safety of your company data as well, as the private information of your customers and clients.


What are the Risks of an Internet Business?

Operating an Internet business puts you and your customers at risk of losing confidential and private information. Every time a transaction is completed through your business website, there is a risk of fraudulent activity. Some of the more common risks of having an Internet-based business include hacking from individuals hoping to steal private and confidential information, copyright and trademark violation, meta-tag abuse, violation of the customer or client’s privacy, identity theft, and other acts of dishonest or fraudulent activity. Customers completing transactions through your website are also at risk of losing their private data to hackers, including their social security number, full name, phone number, address, and financial information. All of this is reason enough to have Internet business insurance.


What is Internet business insurance?

Internet insurance is a unique kind of liability insurance that goes beyond basic liability insurance provided to businesses. If you run a business online, including one that offers customers or clients the option of completing transactions through your company website, your general business liability insurance may not cover fraudulent activity and other types of risks that may lead to lawsuits, litigations, or financial hardship. Internet business insurance exists to cover a number of things for your online business including any unauthorized use of images, slander of other companies or defamation of character, plagiarism which includes text and literature, images, copyrighted materials, trademarks and slogans, lack of protection for confidential information, sharing confidential information online, and failing to prevent a computer virus to other individual’s computers.


Who is Internet business insurance appropriate for?

Internet business insurance is not only appropriate, but highly recommended, for any company that does business on the Internet, whether it is through a company blog, online store, or other services offered through your company website. Even businesses that simply have a business website without the ability for financial transactions should protect its images, data, slogans, and other business information from copyright or trademark laws with Internet liability insurance. For example, if one of your customers receives a computer virus after browsing your website, you may be liable for their financial losses. On the other hand, if you have an employee post something on your website, such as a photograph or piece of text that is copied from another website without permission, you can be sued for plagiarism. In both of these cases, Internet business insurance offers protection. Businesses that commonly have Internet business insurance include web auction sites, blogs, web hosting services, and websites with online services or online transactions.



Protect all the hard work you put into your online business or company website by obtaining Internet business insurance. You should protect your business and financial assets from potential risks and litigation’s, as these risks exist whether you have additional protection or not.