How to Protect Food Delivery Employees

Restaurant owners and managers have plenty to worry about. One of those concerns is providing adequate protection for food delivery employees. And, there are also many reasons it’s in the best interest of your business to do so, most importantly, safeguarding your employees from harm or injury. As a restaurant owner, you have a few options for protecting your food delivery employees.

Adopt Safety-Minded Policies for Delivery Employees

Little things, such as limiting the amount of cash drivers can carry on delivery runs makes them less likely targets for thieves. If your food delivery employees ride bicycles or motorcycles, consider requiring helmets and other protective gear at all times. Helmets save lives. Even if the laws in your state do not require them, it’s a wise business decision for you to require them.

Another tip: eliminate delivery time guarantees. This promotes unsafe traffic practices and may encourage employees to make reckless decisions for the sake of shaving a few minutes off their runs. Require food delivery drivers to participate in driving safety courses as well as defensive driving courses for added instruction and safety on the job and off. Don’t forget to conduct thorough background checks, including checks of their driving records before hiring new employees.

Further, require random and frequent tests for drugs and alcohol in the system of your delivery drivers. This is for their protection as well as the protection of your business if they should cause an accident making food deliveries on your behalf while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Choose Delivery Areas Wisely

Some areas have lower crime rates than others. It’s in the best interest of your restaurant business not to intentionally place your employees in harm’s way. Limit your delivery area to areas that are convenient to your business and avoid areas that are high-risk areas for drivers with the potential for robbery and other dangers.

Obtain Adequate Business Auto Insurance

When employees are on the clock, they represent your business and your business is responsible for them and their actions. Make sure you have adequate commercial auto insurance coverage to protect your employees and the interests of your business.

You don’t have to make monumental changes in order to improve safety and working conditions for your employees. Small changes, such as these, are relatively easy for restaurants to adopt and can make a huge difference in the safety of your food delivery employees today and in the future.