How to Plan a Safe Road Trip This Summer

Road Trip

With summer break approaching, many people are beginning to plan their family vacation, which often means a long road trip. Although road trips can be fun and exciting, it’s essential that you remember that not all trips go as planned when you are anticipating your family vehicle to arrive at your destination safely. Therefore, it’s important that you do a little planning before you set off.

Get Your Car a Tuned-up

To ensure a smooth and safe journey, ensure your vehicle is in good working order. Things have checked before you set off are your car’s battery, tires, air conditioner, fluids and belts. Take your car to a qualified mechanic who will give your car a proper tune-up. If you will be towing something like a trailer or boat in a hot climate, you should probably consider higher viscosity motor oil as well.


In addition to the tune-up, you may want to clean your car thoroughly from the inside and out. This will ensure you have enough room to put your luggage and be able to find essential items easily on your trip.

Other things to consider include:

  • Getting roadside assistance.
  • Buying a prepaid phone card should you lose cellular service.
  • Ensure you have your registration, insurance card and other important documents with you and that they are up-to-date.

Create an Emergency Kit

It’s important that you bring along some type of emergency kit. This should include things like Band-Aids, alcohol swabs, water bottles, flashlights, a warm blanket, a cell phone charger and more. You should also toss a multi-purpose tool and some jumper cables in your car trunk too. These things can be packed in a tote bag or small backpack.

Plan Your Route and Stops

Try and plan your trip ahead of time like your route and stops. This will save you a lot of stress and time figuring out how you will get to your destination. There are a couple of popular apps that can help with this which are:

  • Roadtrippers – Lays out your route for you and helps you locate stops on your journey by using Google-Maps based directions.
  • Along the Way – This app helps you find restaurants, coffee shops, shopping and more along your route as well as attractions like parks, museums and roadside attractions.

There are other apps that could be helpful, but these are considered the best. You may wish to use your GPS device to help you get to your destination. At the very least, have some type of GPS navigation app on your phone.

Check Traffic and Weather Prior to Leaving

By checking traffic and weather before you leave, you’ll know what to expect while you are on the road and plan accordingly. Torrential downpours, flooding and congested traffic jams can impact your safe travels and if you know ahead of time about them, it will help you avoid them.

Here at BOLT Insurance Agency, your safety on your road trip is our biggest concern. But, unfortunately, accidents and mishaps do happen; therefore, you should ensure you’re properly protected with auto insurance as well.

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