How Large Companies are Helping Small Businesses

In this economy, it seems like it is survival of the fittest in terms of company success or failure. But in reality, large companies are taking steps to help small businesses succeed, which, in turn, helps to improve the economy as a whole. Large companies are using a variety of tools and resources at their disposal to help small businesses survive — and thrive, whether it is financial assistance, technological resources, or using their knowledge and clout to help improve the economy.

Financial Resources

One thing small businesses almost always need help with is financial resources, and some large businesses are stepping up to the plate and helping out. Such is the case with 10,000 small businesses. The program, which is sponsored by Goldman Sachs, has provided capital to small businesses to help with management training, access to start-up capital, and mentor assistance. There is also a group of larger companies in a coalition called Supplier Connection, which have combined to assist smaller companies with financial resources and contracts for goods and services.


Another way large companies are helping small businesses is through technology assistance. For example, Dell, through its Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), and #Fix Young America programs, is not only helping provide financial assistance and other tools to small businesses, but they are also helping to provide small businesses with more affordable technology.

Creating Shared Values

Having shared values is an important part of large companies helping small businesses. By having shared values, large companies and small businesses are coming together with a mutual interest in the benefits they can provide each other. By aligning their businesses and companies, these organizations each find a way to help each other and in this way, small businesses are getting a leg up thanks to their mutual values with large companies. One good example of this is the Dell First Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), which is providing technology solutions to companies of all sizes, from small businesses with affordable solutions to large corporations.

Build a Stronger Economy

One thing both big companies and small businesses can agree on, is that they all want to help improve the economy. Doing business at any time has risks, but in a time of economic turmoil, it is that much harder. Big companies tend to do better during these times, but they can also help build a stronger economy by helping smaller businesses succeed. Many large companies through investments, knowledge, and networking, are helping small businesses thrive and improving the overall economic situation.

With the help of these large corporations that have an interest in the economy, they can make steps in order to help improve the success and vitality of small businesses. In this way, their mutual interests combine for a brighter future and an increased chance of success for all types of businesses.