How Having a Dash Cam Can Add a Second Layer of Protection

Your car is an investment, so it is important to protect it. You already pay a considerable amount for vehicle maintenance and insurance costs, and you probably do not want to add more to those fees. Installing a dash cam can offer an additional layer of protection for your car when it comes to break-ins, accidents, and new drivers. Investing in a dash cam offers considerable benefits for a variety of drivers, including protection from insurance fraud.

What are the benefits of a dash cam?

A dash cam can be an extremely useful tool for protecting your vehicle, whether you are driving or not. Installing a dash cam in your car can alert you to potential break-ins, provide evidence in the event of a car accident, and monitor a teen driver as they learn. Keep reading for the top benefits of having a dash cam in your car.

Catch thieves and prevent break-ins

There are many different types of dash cams available on the market today, and some act in a similar manner to an alarm system. The camera can remain on standby mode until it picks up motion around your car or inside the vehicle. With this type of dash cam, you can protect your car from break-ins by alerting you of a possible theft. Also, you will have footage to help identify the responsible party after a break-in.

Monitor your new driver

Parents with teenagers often worry as their children get behind the wheel for the first time. If your young driver is setting off on their own, it can be a very nerve-wracking time when you cannot be in the car with them. With a dash cam installed in their car, you can keep an eye on your new driver as they learn how to drive in various conditions. Review the footage and offer helpful tips and guidance to improve their driving. You will also have a clear idea of where your kids are going when they drive.

Provide evidence for insurance claims

When an officer arrives on the scene of a car accident, they often have to rely on a he-said-she-said recounting of the accident. Without credible witnesses, it is possible for a driver to be wrongfully faulted for an accident. However, with a dash cam in your car, you can protect yourself in the event of an accident with video footage. The video offers proof in case of an accident and provides evidence for your insurance company.

Protect yourself from insurance fraud

Unfortunately, not all drivers on the road are honest. There are criminals who stage accidents on purpose in an attempt to receive a payout from the victim or their insurance company. Thankfully, these types of accidents are easily spotted in video footage. With a dash cam, you can capture a fraudster’s poor intentions and keep your insurance rates from climbing due to an accident.

Keep a record of road trips

Going on a long road trip includes a variety of new sights as you travel through cities and states. It is too dangerous to drive and record on your cell phone at the same time, and passengers cannot keep their phones recording at all times. A dash cam can help you capture memories from a road trip without wearing out your phone battery. After your trip, you can watch the footage from your dash cam and discover new and exciting finds you might have missed while driving.

Report dangerous drivers

Bad driving is a fact of life, and you are likely to encounter bad drivers on a regular basis. However, some of these bad drivers are extremely dangerous. It is often difficult to report a suspected drunk driver or road rage without proof. Dash cam videos can offer credible evidence to help keep dangerous drivers off the road. Also, the footage can be useful if a bad driver causes damage to other vehicles or buildings.

Capture interesting moments

Have you ever seen something on the road and had no way of capturing it? Reaching for your smartphone while driving is too dangerous, and here is often not enough time to record before the moment passes. A dash cam that continuously records can help you capture odd or interesting moments on the road in a safe manner. When you spot something unbelievable or out of the ordinary, you can review the footage later and share it with friends and family.

Can installing a dash cam help with insurance costs?

Insurance companies are not yet offering discounts for drivers with a dash cam, however dash cams can still help you save on your insurance costs. You may not be able to lower your car insurance quotes, but you can protect yourself in the event of an accident. Dash cam footage provides evidence if you are not at fault in an accident.

Accidents where you are found at fault can greatly impact your insurance costs and premiums. If you find yourself saying, “my car insurance is too high,” a dash cam may be able to help. Affordable car insurance is often available for safe drivers, and a dash cam can prove that you are a safe driver.

Who should install a dash cam?

There are many types of people who can benefit from a dash cam. Anyone who is interested in protecting their vehicle should look into installing a dash cam for an added level of security. While the devices can provide benefits for all drivers, there are some people who may get more out of the investment.

Concerned parents

Dash cams can be very useful for concerned parents of new drivers. As their teen hits the road, they can keep a closer eye on their children. For parents, a dash cam offers an added layer of security and peace of mind.

Commercial fleet owners

People who own multiple commercial vehicles can use dash cams to protect their cars, their drivers, and themselves. You can keep a watchful eye on your employees as they drive your vehicles and protect your cars from break-ins. The dash cam footage is also useful in the event of an accident.

Insured drivers

Insured drivers can benefit greatly from investing in a dash cam. You can prevent your insurance rates from increasing by providing video footage in the event of an accident. The dash cam footage can help prove that you were not at fault in an accident. Dash cams can also show what happened to your car during a break-in.


Dash cams offer incredible benefits for many drivers. From catching criminals to preventing spikes in insurance costs, investing in a dash cam is often worth every penny. With so many models available on the market today, you can find a dash cam that fits your needs and your budget to protect your car.