How Can Small Businesses Improve Their Hiring Tactics?

In the past few years, many small business owners have likely found their companies in significantly improved financial positions and have therefore set their sights on trying to grow once again following what could have been years of mediocre returns. But with a new wave of hiring efforts – potentially the first undertaken by a small business in a while – might come a revamped look at how the company goes about this kind of process overall.

One thing that many small businesses may find in their search for a new worker is a few applicants who have roughly the same qualifications for the job, according to a report from Forbes. When it comes down to decisions of this type, it might simply be wise for owners to figure out which of the people they interviewed seemed to have the most passion for the job. In some cases, it might not even come down to splitting hairs in this way, because sometimes, a larger amount of enthusiasm might outweigh a slightly smaller amount of better background in the field.

What other steps can be followed?
Further, when it comes to finding the right person for a given job, one thing employers might be wary of is having to sift through a potentially large number of applications, particularly given the quality of many local job markets nationwide, the report said. But it might often be easier to speak to people that are already in the sphere of a small business and see if they can recommend anyone who would potentially be a good fit. If a contact already knows the business, they are also likely to know what makes a good candidate.

In addition, it might be a good idea to look around on social media sites like LinkedIn to see if there are any qualified candidates that might be friends of friends, or those with similar relationships, the report said. Further, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can likewise be used to ferret out whether a person’s online behavior would mesh well with a company as a whole.

Owners who want to put their firms in the best positions to hire might want to consider the ways in which they are spending money on many necessities, and see if they can find themselves a little wiggle room. By shopping around for more affordable small business insurance coverage, like liability insurance, companies could find ways to save thousands annually.