How Can Small Businesses Hire the Right People?

These days, the job market is becoming a little easier for workers all over the country as the economy continues to improve and small businesses in particular step up their hiring efforts. However, that might also put more strain on employers and their abilities to find the absolute right person for an open position, as there may be more competition among companies in their field to hire the most qualified candidates.

Of course, each small business has different needs for their hiring efforts based on their size, according to a report from Scripps Howard News Service. For example, those that are just starting out may need to work very hard to even attract high-quality candidates, simply because the average job seeker might not have even heard of their company. But, as independent enterprises grow in this regard, there may be more flexibility and ease in attracting people who might be perfect for a given position. With this in mind, being ultra-choosy when just starting out may not behoove companies, as they may simply need more hands on deck.

"In essence, from start up, to initial growth, moving to an established thriving company will take different strategies," Bill McCarthy, associate director of the Career Development Center at Binghamton University, told the news agency. "The strategies will often reflect the company culture and their recruitment will be an extension of their brand and values. How a company plans for growth, projects their values, will enhance or detract from their hiring goals and eventual company growth."

Something to keep in mind
On the other hand, as companies become more successful and have their names become better known in their local areas or industries, that's when choosiness can become a very valuable tool, the report said. When a business name is something of a brand, a larger number of applicants are likely to send in resumes, and thus selectivity is an effective tool.

However, this doesn't mean that those businesses that are just starting out should take just anyone, of course. For instance, those that can be self-starters or have an enthusiasm for projects the company outlines in an interview may wind up being more successful workers if hired.

Companies looking to increase their hiring efforts may want to start by trying to cut costs for their small business insurance coverage. By finding more affordable workers' compensation or liability insurance, business' may free up thousands of dollars per year that can be devoted to other, more pressing needs.