How Can Small Business Owners Encourage Worker Camaraderie?

Many companies, and small businesses in particular, may require their employees to work longer hours than most because of how vital that kind of commitment is to an enterprise's success overall. That kind of necessity may begin to wear on workers, and thus owners may want to look into ways they can get people out of the workplace for a day so they can do team-building exercises.

A large and growing number of small businesses nationwide are now getting into the idea that they may need to do more to build worker morale and team spirit, and many experts say that one of the best ways they can do this is to take those people to an offsite location to really do the most good, according to a report from New York Newsday. Breaking workers up into groups for something like a scavenger hunt, trivia game, or the like may help to encourage more teamwork and fun, and giving them a prize to play for might incentivize strong competition. There are even whole books dedicated to the kinds of games groups can play to help build the most camaraderie.

"Team building is not a spectator sport," Ed Scannell, who wrote one such book and is the director of the Center for Professional Development and Training in Scottsdale, Arizona, told the newspaper. "You need to get everyone involved from your top people to the newest hires."

The reason these should be done away from the office, though, is relatively simple, the report said. While within the confines of their regular work environment, many workers may feel a little bit of pressure, but going to a park or similar outside destination could provide them the chance to feel a little freer. However, owners may also have to be careful when putting together teams for these events, because grouping workers with similar personality types, or letting people pick their own teams, may lead to clashes that are counterproductive to what owners are trying to accomplish with such exercises.

Owners looking to improve their work environments might also want to seek out ways to make their small business insurance policies, including those for general liability insurance, more affordable. Doing so might allow them to free up funds they can devote to other perks that may help to improve morale for all employees and show them their hard work is appreciated.