Holiday Safety Tips for a Merry and Bright Season

Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are about fun and family for many of us.  From late November to the middle of January, keeping safe during the holidays is a primary concern for many when families, friends and others travel to gather for dinners, parties and special get-togethers.

Here are some essential precautions to keep your family safe and free of injury throughout the festive season.

Check your Decorations

Before you put up that Christmas tree or any decorations be sure you inspect each decoration carefully, especially those that require electricity. Just like anything, eventually your holiday decorations will show signs of wear and tear. Make sure you check the wires and plugs for cracks, tears and splits. Avoid plugging any cord that has wire exposed. Any exposed or damaged wire is a fire hazard and can cause a fire.

Candles and Fireplaces

Candles and fireplaces make for a beautiful setting during the holiday season. However, you should be very careful with these items. Thousands of death, burns, and smoke-related injuries by fires happen every year, and candles and fireplaces cause many of them.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 12 percent of home candle fires happen in December. The reason for this shocking statistic is the increase of candles and fireplaces in the home along with an increase in the number of flammable seasonal decorations. This means an increase in the risk of fires.

Some important tips to remember:

  • Always keep candles out of the reach of children.
  • Never leave candles burning unattended.
  • Never leave candles burning while sleeping in a room.
  • Always place candles on stable surfaces.
  • Never place burning candles near trees, plants, curtains or other in flammable items.
  • Never burn trees, wreaths or wrapping paper in a fireplace.
  • At least once a year clean out the chimney and fireplace.
  • Avoid overloading your circuits.


Most all holiday decorations — from the dazzling Christmas tree lights to the brightly-lit snowman — need to be plugged in an outlet. Never overload your outlets or circuits. This can certainly cause a fire. Only place one high-wattage plug-in per outlet. Investing in heavy-duty, polarized or power extension cords is a great idea.


Avoid connecting more than three strings of high luminescent lights. Not only can this cause a circuit breaker trip or electrical fuse to blow, it can cause a fire too. Instead, buy LED lights that use less energy or decorative lights that use less energy and power.

Be sure your spotlights are getting enough ventilation, are protected from the weather and are kept away from combustible items. Be sure to unplug decorations before replacing the bulbs or fuses. Turn off and unplug all electrical holiday lights and decorations before you go to sleep or leave your house.

Statistics show an increase of fires and the risk of fires, during the holiday seasons. Despite the beauty and festive display the holiday decorations bring, remember it’s more important to keep safety at the forefront of everything.

Here at BOLT Insurance Agency, we wish you and your family and friends a merry and safe holiday season.