High Winds Protection for Business Property

When it comes to damage to your commercial property, people often overlook the damage that high winds can produce. Whether it is due to a hurricane or a strong gust of wind, high winds can cause damage to your roof, siding, fixtures, and windows. Natural disasters, like tornadoes and hurricanes, cause extremely strong winds, just as much as severe weather conditions. Here is what you should know about protecting your business from such an event.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Your roof is one of the most common areas to experience damage as the result of high winds, so it should be the first thing you have inspected. A roofing contractor can tell you the overall condition of your roof, including if he noticed any damaged shingles, if the tar roof needs to be repaired, or if some of your roofing tiles should be replaced.

There are also some unique tips depending on the slopes of your roof. For a low-slope roof, for example, make sure any gravel on your roof is evenly spaced and it is not piled up in one area. There should not be any blistered or cracked areas of the roof covering. You should also have flashing around all roof openings, including vents. If you have a high-slope roof, also called a steep roof, be sure all asphalt shingles are overlapping and attached securely to the shingles below them.

Check Fixtures and Landscaping

Your roof isn’t the only thing at danger; you also need to check around your business property, including any landscaping and outdoor fixtures. Be sure to keep your trees trimmed, cut weak branches, and trim your shrubbery. If you have weak branches, they are more likely to break off and could break a window if they are close to your business property. Remove debris that is sitting around your building that could potentially damage your building in high winds, such as pallets or bricks. You also want to be sure all fixtures outside are working properly.

Protect Windows and Doors

The next thing to do in order to protect your property from high wind damage is inspect your windows and doors. Screens and shutters can help protect your windows, as well as having proper seals around them. If you can, get double or triple-pane glass as it is highly recommended. Inspect all exterior doors and make sure they are in good condition. If you have wood doors that are splintering or metal doors with noticeable damage, have them replaced.

Have the Building Structure Inspected

Your building structure also needs to be inspected. Have an experienced contractor look at all areas of your building, not just the roof. They will look at the stability of the structure, windows and doors, siding, and framework. The contractor should also take some time to look at anchoring equipment, such as if your business has an overhang, porch, or canopy.

After taking these steps, protect your business further with a commercial property insurance policy. It will provide coverage for loss from high wind damage.