Golf Cart Insurance – Insurance for Golf Carts

Golf carts have traditionally been used as transportation on the golf course, in order to get from one green to another. However, there are a number of personal uses for golf carts that are making them increasingly more popular — such as traveling through a community, whether it is a gated housing community, apartment complex, or retirement community. No matter what you choose to use your golf cart for, you should consider obtaining an insurance policy for it. It may not be something you have considered before, but like all vehicles, golf carts have risk exposures, including damage from accidents while driving them. Many times, golf carts are not covered by homeowner’s policies or auto policies, and therefore require their own special insurance policy.

Golf Cart Insurance

Since golf carts aren’t typically covered on a traditional auto insurance policy or a homeowner’s policy, it’s recommended that you obtain a golf cart insurance policy. This ensures you are protected from a variety of risk exposures that are common when operating a golf cart, such as property damage, physical injury, the results of a collision, liability, and many others.

Collision Coverage

As part of your golf cart insurance policy, you can obtain optional collision coverage, which will provide insurance benefits if you come into contact with another golf cart, vehicle, object, or building. When driving your golf cart in condo complexes, resorts, or gated communities, you risk coming into contact with another vehicle, pedestrian, or obstacle in an accident; collision coverage helps to cover the costs of such collision.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

If you have an accident in your golf cart that causes property damage or bodily injury, you may be facing extremely high costs and legal fees. In order to get assistance with these types of costs, you should be sure your golf cart insurance includes bodily injury and property damage liability. It will help cover liability claims, medical costs, and repairing or replacing property that was damaged.

Accessory Coverage

Accessory coverage is a portion of golf cart insurance that offers insurance benefit in the case of your personal property or golf cart accessories being stolen or damaged. This includes personal belongings like jewelry, wallet, purses, electronic equipment, and cell phones, as well as optional add-ons like special wheels or trailers for the golf cart.

Transport Trailer Coverage

If you need to move the golf cart to a new location, you’ll most likely not be driving it on the roads since this is against the law in many states. In this case, you will need a transport trailer to move your golf cart to a new living community or resort. If for some reason, you get into an accident, any damages to the trailer may not be covered by a general golf cart insurance policy. You’ll need to add additional coverage so that your transport trailer is included.

Roadside Assistance

Often times, you’ll be driving your golf cart long distances, whether it’s on a golf course, or through a large gated community. If your golf cart breaks down, you may need to call for assistance. Roadside assistance is an optional insurance policy that will provide you with minor mechanical work, such as fixing a flat tire, or for towing it to a nearby shop for repair.

Owning and driving a golf cart can be a lot of fun, especially when you don’t have to worry about physical damage insurance and liability insurance. Protect the risk exposures associated with driving a golf cart by obtaining proper insurance for covering the different risks.