Garage Door Safety Tips

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The garage door is an important part of your home. It is often your main point of entry into your home. To ensure its safety and your loved ones, there are some basic guidelines you should follow.

Children and Garage Doors

You should make it very clear to your children that the garage door and remote is not a toy and should never be played with. Instill in them that when the door is moving (opening or closing), they should stay far away from it and keep the remote away from where they can easily grab it. The opener that is located inside the garage should be installed a minimum of 5 feet from the ground so your kids are unable to reach it. Tell them to keep their fingers always from springs, hinges or other sections of the door, particularly when it is in operation.

Repairing Your Door

Never attempt to service or repair a door yourself. This can jeopardize your safety. A garage door is made up of heavy parts and is electric which can be dangerous. You can get severely injured or shocked by the cables and springs. All door parts should be repaired by a licensed garage door repairman.

Read the Manual

When you are dealing with the safety of your garage door and your family’s, having knowledge is vital. Read the manual that came along with your door which will educate you on any special requirements or features of your door. It will point out important guidelines for using the getting the safety features of your door set up and using them. These types of features typically come standard now on garage doors and openers.

Garage Door Safety Features

Speaking of safety features, garage doors and openers usually come with a wide range of them; depending on the type and place they were bought. However, if you are not sure how to use them or they are not installed correctly, using them safely will be an issue. Three of these safety features include:

  • Electric eye
  • Reverse on contact
  • Emergency release

Take the time to go through your manual to learn about these and other safety features so you ensure the safety of your garage door and your family’s.

These guidelines are not put in place to scare you off, but instead to keep you from harm’s way that can happen from unfortunate accidents. If you notice any noise coming from your door, this could be a sign of something wrong with your garage door or opener. Don’t let any noise go, call a professional in to come take a look. Also, it is also a good idea and important that you have a homeowners insurance policy in place if there ever is an accident or damage to your garage door, vehicle or other property from a defective part.