First Time Homeowner Safety Tips

First Home Safety Tips Bolt Insurance


If you are a first time home-buyer, there is a lot to think about. Before you start thinking about furnishing and decorating your home, make sure it is safe and secure. Not only does protecting your home help reduce the risk of burglaries, but you might even have a discount on your homeowners insurance. The following tips will help keep your home safe and the precious cargo inside of it.


Keep the Exterior Illuminated

One thing all burglars have in common is that they don’t want to get caught. They try to stay hidden as much as possible, which is why many break-ins occur in the middle of the night.

However, if you choose to add better exterior lights and keep them on all night long, then you make your home less vulnerable to these types of crimes. You can also add motion detector lights so they only go on if there is an intruder on your property. It often causes the criminal to leave, but also gives you an early warning sign of their presence.


Change the Locks Right Away

Make sure you change the locks on your home before you even move in. This is necessary because many people likely had a key to your previous lock at one point. While you might trust the previous owners and the real estate agent, their key might have gotten misplaced, and someone else could have found it. Instead of leaving it up to chance, have the locks changed. This is also a good time to consider more high-tech locks, such as a keyless electronic lock.


Upgrade the Alarm System

Another way to keep your home safe after you first move in is by having a security alarm installed. This provides you multiple benefits, beginning with the fact that it can deter burglars. If they see that you have an alarm, they might not even bother with your house. If they do try to open a door or window and it goes off, it is more likely that they will leave. Even if they don’t, the police should arrive shortly and hopefully stop them before they do too much damage.


Keep a Lock on the Pet Door

Finally, if you decide to install a pet door to let your dogs and cats have more freedom, make sure you get one that locks. Older pet doors don’t have a secure lock, which means a large dog door would be big enough for someone to get into your home through it. Make sure the lock is sturdy and that the door is made of strong, durable materials.

After you upgrade the locks and alarm system, let your independent insurance agent know. There is a very good chance that you will get a discount on your homeowners insurance policy.