Fire Department Service Charge Insurance

If you currently operate a business in a building that is at risk of being destroyed

from a fire, such as a chemical manufacturing plant, restaurant, welding, or other

type of business with a higher risk of fire or explosion, you may be subject to

paying a large fee after calling the fire department. While the damages to your

dwelling and equipment might be covered by fire insurance, this insurance does not

often cover additional fees charged by the fire department. A special type of insurance

called Fire Department Service Charge Insurance can offer you financial protection

in the case of such an event.



What is a Fire Department Service Charge?



Many times after calling the fire department to put out a fire that has happened

at your place of business, they will charge for their services in what is called

a bill for services, or a service charge. While occasionally this will be covered

by the association between the fire department and taxing authority, this is not

always the case. The service charge may cover any number of things including fueling

the fire truck and due to maintenance on equipment.



What is Fire Department Service Charge Insurance?



Fire Department Service Charge Insurance is an elective insurance that offers coverage

in the event your building has had a fire — and you are then charged a service

charge by the fire department due to the building being outside the city limits

or for other reasons associated with their services. This type of insurance typically

offers coverage for the service charge up to a certain dollar amount of covered

property, which varies by location.



How Fire Department Service Charge Insurance Can Help



Fire Department Service Charge Insurance may be essential for certain types of businesses

that are in risk of fire or explosion. Some types of businesses are at a higher

risk due to the types of business they perform, such as those who manufacture or

work with certain chemicals or toxic substances, as well as businesses that use

fire and heat like restaurants or welders. While any business is at risk of potential

fire hazards, some are at a higher risk than others.



By obtaining Fire Department Service Charge Insurance, you can protect yourself

from potentially being charged a service fee by the fire department. Offering your

business the best possible coverage available includes supplemental insurance policies

such as one that will cover the fire department service charges.