Facebook Plans to Get More Involved with Small Businesses

These days, many small business owners know all too well that the way in which they present themselves on social media platforms can end up having a huge impact on how they are perceived by consumers. With this in mind, the most popular social network in the world is now looking at rolling out some more methods it can use to help these companies to better present themselves.

In an effort to increase advertising revenues, Facebook is now trying to work with small businesses to help them to better harness the power of promotional posts that potential customers might end up seeing in their daily use of the site, according to a report from the Associated Press. The new effort, known as Facebook Fit, will not only work with companies online, but also in the real world, through workshops in five cities that will show entrepreneurs in the area the ways in which they can maximize the effectiveness of their advertising on the site.

“They don’t have enough customers,” Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer for Facebook, told the news agency. “This is their No. 1 problem and we can help them solve it.”

Not a new trend
Of course, there has been a tremendous push among many online companies to harness the potentially massive small business market in the last few years, so Facebook’s latest foray doesn’t come as much of a surprise, the report said. However, it is still incumbent upon those owners, and not the companies that give them the platform, to make sure they’re doing all they can to get the most out of any advertising they buy on those sites.

That’s not to say Facebook – which has 25 million small business users worldwide – hasn’t tried to make things easier, though, the report said. The company has revamped many of its small business offerings with an eye toward the mobile experience for those trying to put together and maintain pages their potential customers can access.

Owners who are thinking of getting more heavily involved in the social media realm should know that it often comes with a cost, either in terms of money or man-hours. As such, it might be wise to streamline operations somewhat ahead of time, such as by finding more affordable small business insurance coverage. Cutting costs for liability insurance, for instance, could go a long way toward helping a company’s bottom line.