Exploring the Risks of Video Search Marketing

Video is the rage these days on the Internet, sometimes going viral within days — or even hours. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down in demand or importance. That’s great news for enterprising business owners who are willing and eager to add video to the list of tools they have at their disposal. However, there are some risks involved that shouldn’t be overlooked. Before you dive into video search marketing to promote your business, you need to know a few important rules you’ll want to follow.


Do Not Infringe on Someone Else’s Copyright


This goes far beyond using the images of your favorite Hollywood star to promote your products. Copyright infringement may be considered if your content is very closely derivative of another work. One example would be the Honda CR-V advertisement that was derived from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You better believe Honda paid a pretty penny somewhere to get permission to run that ad. Even homages can be considered infringement so proceed with caution when creating videos and avoid anything that could be suspected as copyright infringement.


One things that surprises business owners just breaking into the video search marketing side of business is that the content and music and even images included in the video might also be considered infringement if you don’t have proper permission to use them for that purpose. When in doubt it’s best to consult with an attorney, specifically someone who specializes in copyright infringement.


Avoid Using Trademarked Names and Brands


Trademarks are as sacred as copyrights in today’s businesses. There are many reasons you can’t use trademarked brands and names in your video marketing. One of the most logical reasons is that bigger companies would use these to bash their competition. But it’s also because these businesses have often invested millions of dollars into creating these trademark brands and are going to do their level best to safeguard that investment—and prevent others from profiting from the fruits of their hard labor.


It goes a little further than the actual, specific trademarked information. You can’t use slogans, logos, names, etc. that too closely resemble the trademarked brand of another business. Otherwise all fast food chains would be “Mc-something-or-other” in an attempt to capitalize on the success of the current ruler of the fast food kingdom.


Respect Rights of Publicity and Privacy


Get permission before using people and places in your videos. People have the right to not be filmed if the video is going to be used for commercial reasons. The same holds true at private events, locations, and facilities. Many of these events will have policies in place regarding video recording. Make sure you have all the facts before you begin recording for any commercial purpose.


Defamation is Not Recommended


Defamation can happen in many forms and should not be allowed in any of your content, whether video related content or in the comment section of your blog, website, video host, etc. Any content that is defamatory towards another company, professional, or individual should not be included in your video marketing efforts and should be removed from your site immediately if left by a user.


The rewards of video search marketing in the business world of today have the potential to be substantial when done well. Just be aware of the risks in order to avoid potential mistakes, and invest in Internet liability insurance (the value of this type of insurance for your business is simply immeasurable in today’s business climate), and you should be in a prime position to enjoy those benefits before you know it.