Electrician Insurance & Electrical Contractors Insurance

Electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing, and ensuring proper functioning of electrical systems.From installing wiring in new businesses and homes to setting up vents and pipes for cooling and heating systems, the tasks of an electrician are as diverse as they are intricate. Because electricity is used practically everywhere, electricians can work in home, businesses, power plants, and even ships.

Working as a electrician is not without its dangers or risks, however. Fire and physical injury are just two of the risks that an electrician is exposed to as he carries about his day-to-day job activities. For that reason alone, electrician insurance is a must.

BOLT Insurance provides quick, proficient access to a complete assortment of insurance products and services designed to meet the risk management needs of electricians. In just a matter of minutes, you can obtain multiple electrician insurance quotes from several top electrician insurers. You’ll then be able to choose from a custom-tailored policy or package designed especially for electricians or select a standard package. Either way, it’s important to consider the following coverages for your electrician business:

Electrician & Electrical Contractors Inland Marine InsuranceAn essential type of electrician insurance is inland marine insurance, which is designed to protect your electrical tools, supplies, and equipment while in transit and in storage. Suppose that your materials or go-to tools are stolen from your van. Without inland marine insurance, you’d be stuck paying for these tools — and fast because you wouldn’t be able to carry on your work without them. Inland marine insurance would provide coverage for the loss.

Electrician & Electrical Contractors Commercial Auto InsuranceCommercial auto insurance provides coverage and protection not only for truck or van used in your electrician’s business, but also covers employee’s bodily injuries if driving your vehicle. Whether you are making electrical repair house calls or picking up wiring supplies from the big-box home store, having a traffic accident without being properly covered by insurance could set you and your business back financially.Not only does commercial auto insurance cover damages and injuries from vehicle accidents, but hail and vandalism damage is covered too.

Electrician & Electrical Contractors General Liability InsuranceIn the event a homeowner or business client sues you for personal injury or property damage, general liability insurance would cover the damages and well as the defense costs. To illustrate, suppose you installed new wiring in a client’s establishment, which shorts, causes a fire, and results in extensive damage to the client’s property. But if you had general liability as part of your electrician insurance package, you would be covered for damages in accordance with your policy terms. Further, if you’re an electrical contractor working on a client’s site, your client may require your to have general liability insurance.

Electrician & Electrical Contractors Workers’ Compensation InsuranceIn a nutshell, workers’ compensation insurance is paid by companies who have employees who may get injured or develop an illness while on the job. If you hire employees in your electrician business, then you’ll need workers’ compensation insurance to provide coverage for them as payment for work-associated illness and injuries.

For example, workers’ compensation would kick in if one of your electrician employees received burns from an electric shock and ended up with costly medical expenses.

In brief, electrician insurance keeps your tools, supplies, business assets safe, while also protecting you against a financial hardship. Protect yourself, your employees, and your livelihood against the steep costs of litigation and potential liability risks by obtaining suitable electrician business insurance.