Do’s and Don’ts of Business Travel Safety

Business travel is an inevitable part of work life for many occupations. Whether you plan to take a single business trip to meet with a client or you travel for business on a regular basis, safety is an essential part of traveling. When speaking of business travel safety, you want to be concerned not only for yourself and your personal belongings, but also any business equipment you happen to bring with you on your trip, which is common among some professionals. The following do’s and don’ts of business travel safety act as a guide for keeping your business excursions as safe and free of incidents as possible.
In Your Luggage  

Do’s – When packing your luggage for a business trip, pack as light as you possibly can by including only the essentials needed for the trip. Use a rolling suitcase as opposed to a duffel bag. By having a rolling suitcase, it will make the trip easier on you and you won’t be tempted to set it down and risk theft. Keep your cell phone with you at all times, and bring the charger with you.

Don’ts – While you want to use a rolling suitcase for your business trip, you want it to be a small enough that it doesn’t need to be checked in. This way you prevent your luggage from being lost during your flight.
At the Airport  

Do’s – Keep your luggage close to you at all times and when it is time to go through security, wait for the person ahead of you to clear out completely before placing your luggage on the conveyer belt. If you bring a laptop, keep it under your seat when you aren’t using it, rather than in the overhead compartment where it can get damaged.

Don’ts – Avoid writing excess personal information on your luggage tag that would be easy for someone else to read or find out more about you if they get their hands on your belongings.
At the Hotel

Do’s – If you use wireless Internet at your hotel, be sure it’s completely secure and you aren’t sharing personal information from your computer with others. Before reserving a hotel room, make sure the hotel has security 24 hours a day.  Be cautious at night, consider asking a security officer to walk you to your car or room if you leave or return to the hotel late.

Don’ts – Avoid reserving a hotel room whose front door opens onto a street as these rooms are more vulnerable to break-ins. Don’t use the hotel’s exercise room, pool or sauna late at night when you’re by yourself.
On the Roadways

Do’s – Take a few minutes to learn how to operate everything in your rental car before leaving the lot. This includes the hazard lights, headlights, locks, and other buttons you may not be familiar with. Be sure you have all the information you need before leaving the rental car lot, including what to do if the car breaks down.

Don’ts – If you get lost, avoid pulling over on dark, quiet streets or in areas you aren’t familiar with. Try to find a well-lit area that appears to be well populated if you get lost and ask for directions. Instead of continuing to drive in an unfamiliar area when you get lost, stopping to ask for directions can save you time and keep you safe.
As long as you follow these safety precautions, you can have a smooth and easygoing business trip. It also helps to have insurance, such as business travel insurance, just in case something were to occur that is out of your control.