Does Your Small Business Website Feature Engaging Writing?

These days, more small business owners across the country are starting to realize the importance of having a very strong Web presence including their own sites. However, many may not be going that extra mile to engage visitors with the kind of copy that can really make a site grab their attention.

Having a well-designed website should certainly include attractive graphics and a clean layout, but at the same time, owners who sign off on these sites should try to keep in mind that the words on the site are just as important, according to a report from the Arizona Daily Sun. Despite the fact that users may be drawn in by graphics and pictures companies feature on their site, using words wisely is still vital to how a website sticks in people's minds and, more importantly, can be found through a Web search.

When it comes to describing what a company does, or the products and services it might offer, it's often wise to be concise; consumers don't generally want to read a lot of information in large blocks of text, the report said. It might be wise, instead, to keep things more along the lines of bullet points – quick pieces of information that are easily digestible and in no way overwhelming.

Moreover, the content of that text also matters because of how it will count for what is known as "search engine optimization," or SEO, which is helps to make a site more highly ranked when users conduct Web searches, the report said. For instance, if a company prints t-shirts, making use of keywords or phrases that people might type into Google when looking for someone to help them make shirts for an event they have coming up will help a business rise in the rankings and appear more prominently in such a search.

Finally, once a website has been completed, it's also important that they are constantly updated to keep potential repeat customers interested, the report said. If a page stays stagnant for too long, many visitors might notice that updates are few and far between, and grow less interested.

Companies looking to improve their standings may also want to do more to shore up their finances, and that could include looking into more affordable small business insurance. Freeing up money by paying less for workers' compensation or liability insurance can give owners the added flexibility they need to devote more resources toward creating a great website.