Does Your Small Business Operate in Multiple Locations? You Might Need Multiple Insurance Policies

Even small businesses often operate in multiple locations. Depending on where you operate your small business, you may find yourself in need of multiple business insurance policies to cover the needs of your business and your employees properly.

In some instances, it’s a matter of law that requires multiple insurance policies. For other businesses though, there are other considerations to consider when managing different small businesses in different locations whether they are in the same city, the same state, or several states away.

State Laws About Insurance in Multiple Business Locations

Different states will have different rules, regulations, and laws regarding property and other business insurance. In the state of Texas, for instance, it is lawful for businesses to cover multiple locations with a single policy in some instances. This is only the case, however, when the different locations have the same function and risk profiles.

In the event that another location has a different function or risk profile, that location will need an individual policy. One of the Dallas oil magnates would need to have a different insurance policy for the corporate office or business headquarters than he or she would need for the actual refinery, for example.

Taking Your Business Across State Lines

It’s important to understand that different states have different regulations for insurance. Even if you’re buying insurance from the same provider in different states, there may be differences necessary in the policies you purchase.

This is especially the case when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance. Every state has its own set of laws concerning this vital coverage for workers. The differences between policy requirements in one state versus another may be so substantial that no one policy can meet the legal requirements of both states so that separate policies must be purchased for each.

Automobile insurance requirements also vary greatly between states so keep that in mind and double check auto policies to make sure they measure up when dealing with multiple states.

Rider policies for your business may also need to be purchased individually for each property so consult with your business insurance agent to learn what your specific needs may be.

Business Preferences for Insurance

Some businesses operating in multiple locations simply prefer to keep the books separate whenever possible. It makes the record keeping process operate a little more smoothly.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to do so, there are no rules that require you to place all your business insurance interests in a single policy so do what works best for your organizational and financial structure.

The key is to find out what the law of the land where you live is concerning insurance policies for businesses operating in multiple locations and follow the laws of the land where your business operates.