Do You Need Janitorial Services Insurance

When it comes to running a small cleaning business, buying janitorial services insurance may be important. In reality, janitorial insurance may be required before working in any building. There are plenty of examples that would require coverage of such things as property damage, or employee dishonesty coverage or even coverage for general liability.

An example is when an owner runs a cleaning business, and an employee accidentally spills a bottle of bleach on the carpet. Without janitorial services insurance, your company would be held accountable to replace the carpet. Accidents happen but you don’t have to worry about claims due to accidents when you have insurance to cover such incidences.

There could also be problems with employee dishonesty. It isn’t easy being a boss and picking the best employees and insurance helps just in case one of your employees steals from the building being cleaned, and so forth. These incidents are more common than most people want to believe, so having janitorial insurance as a small business owner insures your business won’t fold due to an accident or a mistake

While janitorial service insurance is very important, don’t forget about the more common small business insurance coverages that are available. If your company has commercial vehicles that have expensive cleaning equipment, it may be important to take on commercial auto insurance. If employees are hired, there is workers’ compensation, and umbrella policy coverages that will take care of you when you need it.

Outside of being covered in case of accidents, a business with insurance coverage is much more likely to be hired over a janitorial service business that doesn’t have such coverage. Building owners want assurance the building will be protected, even if they already have insurance. They will feel more comfortable working with a cleaning service that is so responsible that it has coverage. Promises aren’t as valuable as that little piece of paper that proves insurance coverage.

A business that cleans well and does a great job is fantastic, but having the peace of mind that you and your business are protected if accidents or incidents occur will allow you to keep your focus on running your business.