Do You Need Car Insurance if Your Car is in Storage?

People place cars in storage for many reasons. Some people live in large cities where keeping a car close by costs more than storing them until they are necessary. Some people purchase antique car bodies hoping to restore and repair the car. Still others are seeking to reduce carbon footprints by storing their cars unless there is a strong need to drive somewhere outside the city for a family emergency or some other crisis.

Whether you are driving your car daily or primarily keeping it in storage, having insurance coverage for your car is a wise plan for many reasons. The good news for you is that you may not need the same full coverage for your car when it’s on the road. In fact, many insurance companies offer specific car storage for insurance policies at attractive prices. These policies help provide you with protection from a variety of events.

What Could Possibly Happen when a Car is in Storage?

The world is a strange and wonderful place. In this case wonderful means you find yourself wondering what just happened more often than anyone cares to admit. The bottom line is that strange stuff happens all the time and when your car is in storage, and not on the road, it is particularly vulnerable to a wide range of potential problems. These are a few examples that could impact your car in storage:

  • Teens steal your car and go for a wild joyride causing injuries, accidents, and damaging property – not to mention your car.
  • A dam bursts and floods the property where your car is being stored.
  • A tree falls over on the garage where your car is being stored.
  • Excessive snowfall occurs in the winter and the roof collapses on top of your stored car.
  • An emergency arises and you are forced to take your car out of storage for a day only to be hit by an uninsured driver.
  • Vandals break in and seek to destroy any beauty your car had.

There are simply too many things that could go wrong when you have a car in storage. This is especially the case if it is stored somewhere off-site where you don’t have eyes on the car or the building where it is being stored daily. These reasons, and so many more, are why it is so important to make sure you have proper parked car insurance when you have cars in storage.

Contact a trusted independent insurance agency today, like us here at BOLT Insurance Agency, to determine just how affordable it is to insure your car while it is in storage and what your options are.