Detailing Shop Insurance

A detailing shop offers detail work for vehicles, such as washing, vacuuming, polishing, and some other more specific detailing jobs requested by the customer. When you own a detailing shop, you are responsible for the customer’s vehicle while it is in your possession. If a customer has asked for more time-consuming jobs, you might even store the vehicle, which is a larger risk to you. With all of the risks associated with operating a detailing shop, detailing shop insurance should be considered. Business insurance is always important, and as a business owner you should choose wisely in order to cover any and all expected risks.
Types of Detailing Shop Insurance
It can be tempting to choose just one type of business insurance for your detailing shop, but there are several to consider. You should take into account all of the risks you may be exposed to, and cover each of them for the most comprehensive coverage.
Detailing Shop Business Owners Policy
A business owner’s policy is a type of business insurance that is customizable. You will actually decide what risks should be covered in your business owner’s policy, based on the risks you feel are most probable for you and your detailing shop business. It often includes general liability insurance along with other coverages such as more comprehensive property damage and legal costs, all in one policy. If you feel your detailing shop is at risk of damaging your customer’s property, this is something that should be included in the business owner’s policy.
Detailing Shop General Liability Insurance

A general liability insurance policy is a basic business policy that covers a number of risks that can happen in your detailing shop work, including physical injury (bodily injury), damage to property, injury to your customer, and advertising injury. Any one of these risks can occur at any time, which may cause you great financial strains if you’re responsible for the damages. Legal and medical costs can get very expensive which may damage your business and even lead to bankruptcy. Protect your business with a general liability policy.
Detailing Shop Garage Keepers Liability Insurance

As a detailing shop, you will often be responsible for storing a customer’s vehicle until it is time to complete the detailing work. When it is in your garage or storage facility, you are liable for any damage or theft that should occur to the vehicle while it is in your possession. If you have garage keepers liability insurance for detailers, these damages are covered by insurance. This means that if your garage is broken into and a customer’s car is vandalized, the repairs are covered by your garage keepers liability policy.
Detailing Shop Workers Compensation

If you employ workers in your detailing shop business, it’s necessary to have worker’s compensation for each one of them. Because detailers are exposed to bending and standing for long periods of time, in addition to being exposed to chemicals, they are subject to work-related injuries or illness. Worker’s compensation protects your detailers in the types of situations.
Detailing Shop Commercial Auto Insurance
If you provide mobile detailing services for your customers or use a company vehicle for business purposes, then you need to have commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto will offer protection from accidents which result in property damage, car damage and personal injury, as well as protection from fire, vandalism, and theft. If you are driving your company vehicle to pick up supplies and there is an accident that causes you personal injury, those medical costs and the damage to your vehicle or other vehicles in the accident will be covered by commercial auto insurance.
These insurance policies are in place to help protect your business assets and the longevity of your business. Detailing shop insurance is an important decision that needs your consideration, and should not be taken lightly.