Dent Removal Business Insurance

A dent removal business is a service business offered to clients who need dents or other imperfections removed from their vehicles. You may perform this service from your own shop or provide mobile dent removal service by visiting the client’s home or business for smaller jobs. If you’ve decided to start a dent removal business, you can find many opportunities for growth and profit, but you should also be aware of the risks associated with this business. Since the person’s property is in your possession, you’re responsible for further damage that may be caused while you repair the dings and dents. You’re also at risk of being liable for a client’s vehicle that may get damaged or vandalized while in your storage. Cover all of these risks by getting the appropriate dent removal business insurance policies.


Types of Dent Removal Business Insurance

Rather than getting just one type of business insurance for your dent removal company, you should consider different policies that are meant to cover each risk you may be exposed to in your line of work.
Dent Removal Business General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance for your dent removal business will cover several different risks associated with your profession, including advertising injury, property damage, personal injury, and bodily injury. If for example, you have advertised that you offer certain prices or services and when the client gets their vehicle back, it is not as suggested in your advertisement, you can be liable for damages. General liability insurance will cover these types of claims.
Dent Removal Business Bailee’s Customer Coverage

As a dent removal business owner, you’re handling another person’s property and might even be storing it for a certain length of time until the service is complete. While your customer’s car or truck is in your storage, it is at risk of being damaged due to vandalism or another incident. If this occurs, Bailee’s customer coverage will help to cover the costs of repairing your client’s vehicle.
Dent Removal Business Commercial Auto Insurance

You may need to use a company vehicle from time to time for business purposes, and in this case, you should have commercial auto insurance. If you have a company vehicle you use to provide dent removal services out of the shop or need to pick up business supplies, you are at risk of an accident, theft, or vandalism. If you get into an accident while driving to a client’s location, the damages incurred will be covered by the commercial auto insurance policy.


Dent removal business insurance is going to provide you ample coverage for all the risks you are exposed to. In this line of work, it is essential that you cover all your bases to ensure the success of your business for years to come.