How to Conduct an Insurance Inventory for My Apartment

renters insurance inventory checklist

Making a home inventory list can serve multiple purposes. Not only does it help you track and declutter and organize items that require repair or upkeep, but most importantly, it allows you to document your valuable items for your renters insurance company if your belongings are damaged or your home burglarized.

Don’t wait to make your renters insurance inventory checklist until disaster strikes. Start now to take pictures, videos, and lists of all contents in your place. Trying to remember all your accumulated possessions you have over the years in the event they’re destroyed in a fire can cause you to forget important items and lose them for good.

An updated insurance inventory for your apartment will help you verify losses and settle your insurance claim faster. It will also help you decide on the right amount of insurance cover you need. There are some important things you’ll need to include in your list.

Supporting Evidence

Along with your inventory list, your renter’s insurance company may ask for evidence or supporting documentation beyond your list. A good rule of thumb is to keep all your receipts of your valuable possessions. By doing this, you not only have documentation for tax purposes, but you also have proof of purchase.

Stamp or engrave serial numbers on your valuable belongings like furniture, electronics, jewelry, and other costly items.

In your list, describe each item and take note its make, model and where you bought it. Attach your purchase contracts, sales receipts, and appraisals to your list.

Document Everything

Ensure you’ve covered everything in your apartment. You should:

  • Go through each room in your place and make an entry for every item
  • Take pictures of each item as you go
  • Write down or shoot close-up photographs of serial numbers
  • Include the original cost if you know it
  • Shoot a video walk-through that accompanies your list, stopping at each item briefly so it’s easy to follow the video

Another common strategy these days is to use a still video camera to document your belongings. Visual documentation has gotten much easier and more affordable today with digital photography.

Back it Up                                                                                   

Backup your data online in case your computer is damaged or stolen and store a set of hard copies at a relative’s or friend’s house, in case of a fire or other disaster.

Hopefully, you’ll only have to use your apartment inventory list to use it for your daily organization and upkeep; however, if faced with a burglary or other catastrophe, you’ll have the documentation needed for an insurance claim.

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