Church Supplies and Religious Bookstore Business Insurance

Church supplies and religious bookstores sell a variety of church-related items. This includes fiction and non-fiction books, literature, media, statues, home décor items, candles, choir and clergy robes, and a wide range of accessories. Some of your more significant risks of operations this type of store, include the risk of theft, shoplifting and vandalism, along with other liabilities. Protect these risks with church supplies and religious bookstore business insurance.


Types of Church Supplies and Religious Bookstore Insurance


The following types of business insurance policies are ideal for church and religious bookstores, including liability and crime insurance.


Church Supplies and Religious Bookstore General Liability Insurance


One of the most important policies you should get for your church supplies and religious bookstore is general liability. This includes premises liability and products liability, both of which are important coverages. Premises liability includes protection if a customer is injured while in your store, such as a heavy statue falling and harming them. Products liability is protection for products you sell, that might later malfunction or cause an illness of some kind.


Church Supplies and Religious Bookstore Commercial Auto Insurance


Business auto insurance is important if you use your vehicle for business errands. If you pick up supplies locally, make deliveries to churches and religious organizations or make other business trips, those trips need to be covered by a business auto policy. This type of policy protects you from bodily injury, property damage, theft and vandalism.


Church Supplies and Religious Bookstore Business Property Insurance


Business property insurance is also an essential church supplies and religious bookstore business insurance policy to acquire as it offers coverage if an unexpected event occurs. A number of events might occur when you least expect them, such as a natural disaster, severe rainstorm or fire. This could cause damage to your store and your merchandise. To protect your church supplies and religious bookstore from catastrophe, purchase a business property insurance policy.


Church Supplies and Religious Bookstore Cyber Liability Insurance


If you run an online store selling church and religious supplies and books, you should be protected with a cyber liability insurance policy. Cyber crimes, like fraudulent activity, viruses and theft of personal information, are unfortunately a risk even if you do have proper security on your site. Experienced hackers may be able to get around that security, so having additional protection with cyber liability insurance is beneficial to you.


Church Supplies and Religious Bookstore Workers’ Compensation


If you have even one employee, you should have a workers’ compensation insurance policy. Workers’ comp is provided for employees who might get a work-related injury. In a church supplies store this could be a back injury from lifting heavy boxes or slipping on newly waxed floors in the store bathroom. The policy pays for their medical costs and lost income if they miss work for an extended period of time.


Church Supplies and Religious Bookstore Crime Insurance


After securing your store with surveillance equipment and an alarm system, you should have additional protection from crimes with crime insurance. This type of policy offers coverage from crimes like theft and shoplifting, along with dishonest employee practices like fraud and embezzlement. Purchasing the policy can keep you from experiencing the loss following theft of money or goods.                  


With the right types of church supplies and religious bookstore business insurance policies, you can adequately protect your business. The more business insurance policies you purchase, the more protected your store and business income is.