Causes of Snowmobile Accidents

Causes of Snowmobile Accidents

Each year, there are thousands of accidents related to snowmobiling in the United States. These accidents can lead to injuries or worse, death. Snowmobile accidents are typically caused by things like excessive speed, natural obstacles, and being intoxicated. Plus, it’s not a surprise that snowmobiles cause almost 14,000 accidents and 200 deaths every year since they weigh over 600 pounds and go up to speeds of 90 mph.

Causes of Snowmobile Accidents

Some of the causes of accidents related to snowmobiles are as follows.


One of the main causes of accidents involving snowmobiles is excessive speed. Some of these rides can go as fast as 150 mph or more , which is considered a highly dangerous speed even if you are very experienced.

It can be difficult to control your snowmobile in curves when you are riding at high speeds. Many people get killed because they are speeding and end up hitting street signs, trees, telephone poles and other riders. And if you are not killed in a snowmobile accident, you could end up with serious fractures, burns, knee injuries, spinal cord or back injuries, or brain injuries.


Snowmobiles are no different than any other vehicle with respect to them being subject to malfunctions and mechanical defects that can lead to an injury or death.


Rider intoxication is another leading cause of snowmobile accidents. Drinking before or during snowmobiling can impair your ability to operate the snowmobile properly and can impair your judgment.

Trails that are Not Maintained

Snowmobile accidents are not always going to be the snowmobile riders fault. Trails need to be maintained by the property owners to keep them safe for snowmobiles. Things like wires, cables and chain-link fences have caused many snowmobile accidents.

Poor judgement and inexperience are also typical causes of crashes. Snowmobiles can be thrilling and a fun way to experience winter when you operate them safely. However, like other vehicles, they can be deadly as well. It’s very important that you learn the common causes of snowmobile-related accidents and take precautions to avoid one.

Accidents are not the only thing you need to be concerned about. There is also the liability factor involved. If you are involved in an accident that was your fault, you could be liable for any bodily injuries or property damage caused. This could cost you a lot of money if you aren’t insured.  You put yourself in danger in more than one way here. You have the role of responsibility the minute you sit on your snowmobile and start riding.

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