Carpet Cleaner Insurance

Running a carpet cleaner business can be a lucrative profession, as you can take on clients for both residential and commercial cleaning of carpets and rugs. As a carpet cleaner, you are responsible for thoroughly cleaning the carpets of your clients with advanced carpet cleaning equipment. With this responsibility, come potential risks, such as ruining the carpets of your clients, accidents related to driving your work vehicle, unforeseen events damaging your equipment, and a variety of other risk exposures. Protect your hard work and investment by acquiring carpet cleaner insurance policies that will provide your business with security from these potential risks.

Types of Carpet Cleaner Insurance

You have a number of carpet cleaner insurance policies to choose from, which will protect your business assets from various litigation and liabilities. Each policy covers a different type of risk; you can choose any variety of insurance policies based on your particular needs and risks.

Carpet Cleaner General Liability Insurance

If you run your carpet cleaning business out of a commercial building, you should have general liability insurance. This type of insurance policy will protect your business from risks associated with your building, such as an accident that occurs on the premises. Any number of things can happen, such as a natural disaster occurring while a client is in your office, as they get injured as a result of it. If they sue your company for medical expenses, general liability offers protection.

Carpet Cleaner Business Owner’s Policy

For a more comprehensive insurance policy for your carpet cleaner business, you can obtain a business owner’s policy, also referred to as a BOP. A BOP is a package policy which includes general liability insurance and property coverage along with some other additional coverage. Based on your potential risks, you can include any variety of policies you want in your BOP, such as a policy that will offer protection in the case of a flood or fire that causes damage to important documents, your premises or equipment.

Carpet Cleaner Commercial Auto Insurance

As a carpet cleaner, you provide mobile services to residences and businesses. This means you are using a company vehicle on a daily basis which comes with its own set of risks. If an accident occurs while you are driving to or from a client’s home or commercial property, the commercial auto insurance policy will help to cover the cost of vehicle repairs, as well as medical expenses if you or anyone else was injured in the accident.

Carpet Cleaner Surety Bond

In order to get more clients for your carpet cleaner business, you may need to acquire a surety bond. Surety bonds act as a guarantee that you will perform the work as stated on your contract. Many clients, especially large commercial buildings, will require carpet cleaners to be bonded in order to ensure the work will be completed. If for some reason, you are unable to complete the work as required, the surety bond helps provide financial assistance if you are responsible for costs to the client.

Carpet Cleaner Workers’ Compensation

It is required by state law in the US to obtain a worker’s compensation policy if you have at least one employee working for you. It will protect your employee from loss of wages or the cost of medical bills if they are injured on the job, and offers your company protection from being sued by your employee for damages. For example, if there is an accident in your building and your employee is injured, worker’s compensation pays for their medical expenses and wage assistance if they are out of work as a result of the accident.


If you are a carpet cleaner, obtaining protection for yourself and your business is essential. Carpet cleaner insurance policies offer security for a variety of risks associated with your type of work, and will help keep you in business should an unexpected event occurs.