Can Small Businesses Benefit from ‘Going Green?’

Many small business owners across the country have likely heard all about how many companies are moving toward utilizing “green” technology as a means of cutting their ongoing costs, but may not know whether such a move is going to be right for their firms. As such, these entrepreneurs might benefit significantly from taking the time to look into such options and see whether they’ll be able to find any success with this type of change.

Companies don’t have to significantly invest in various types of green technologies, such as solar power, to make sure they’re doing more to reduce waste and save money over the long-term, according to a report from the Poughkeepsie Journal. For example, they may be able to simply change the way in which they light their offices for a major reduction in cost overall. The new type of light bulbs that have taken prominence in many homes and businesses nationwide will not only reduce power costs, but also slash the number of actual bulbs that need to be purchased over time. These generally last for several years longer than traditional bulbs, cost about the same, and use far less energy.

Likewise, companies may be able to institute policies that would cut down on the amount of energy they waste every day in other ways as well, the report said. They could set their thermostats so that the air conditioning kicks on only when it’s a few degrees warmer, or turn up the temperature at which it runs overall. Further, they could ask workers to make sure they’re turning off lights in any rooms they’re not currently occupying, or shut down computers when they go home for the night.

How can this help?
The more companies do to improve their energy efficiency, the more money they’ll generally be able to save on their bills every month, and over the course of a year this can really add up, the report said. Further, this can also increase their financial flexibility to do more, and could result in additional savings going forward if more funds are devoted to green initiatives.

Owners who want to do more to ensure continued financial success might want to consider the ways in which cutting their ongoing small business insurance costs might help. For instance, if they can find more affordable liability insurance, they may be able to save thousands annually, and devote that to other long-term money-saving endeavors.

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