Camera Store Insurance

Camera stores not only carry all different types of cameras, but an assortment of accessories as well. This includes batteries, tripods, flash bulbs, film, camera chargers and USB cords, printer paper, lenses, photo frames, and carrying cases. Many camera stores also provide additional services, such as printing photographs. Your camera store has a variety of risks, including shoplifting, general liability and property hazards. Protect these risks with camera store insurance.


Types of Camera Store Business Insurance


Camera stores have a variety of insurance policies to choose from, including the following:


Camera Store General Liability Insurance


One of the most important insurance policies to get for your camera store is general liability. This includes premises liability, products liability and completed operations. Premises liability is for any damage or injuries incurred while on your business premises, such as a slip or fall. The medical costs become your responsibility, but general liability covers these costs. The products you sell might also malfunction and cause damage for the customer, which is also covered under general liability.                      


Camera Store Commercial Auto Insurance


Business auto insurance is a type of insurance policy for you and your employees while using a company vehicle or their own vehicle for business errands. This business-related trip might be for delivering custom prints to a customer or picking up supplies for the store. Business auto typically covers bodily injury, vehicle and property damage, and you can add other coverage like theft and vandalism as well. It helps cover some of the costs related to a vehicle accident, for you and other drivers involved.


Camera Store Business Property Insurance


Camera stores have a plethora of risks to their property and contents. Your cameras and equipment poses a threat of fire and smoke and can be damaged instantly if there is a flood. Other events, like natural disasters and extreme weather, can also cause significant damage to your contents and building. Business property insurance helps you make any repairs you can and replace what can’t be repaired. It is an important policy for your business to have.


Camera Store Cyber Liability Insurance


Cyber liability insurance is a type of business insurance policy that covers cyber crimes. You need this policy as part of your total camera store insurance coverage if you run a website, particularly if you sell items from an online store. Fraudulent activity, theft of customer information and causing viruses on your website are all types of cyber crimes which are protected by the policy.


Camera Store Workers’ Compensation


Your employees may have a low risk of injury, but it isn’t impossible. Like all businesses, your workers should be covered with a worker’s compensation policy. Workers’ comp provides employees with coverage if they get a work-related injury, such as slipping and falling or getting a repetitive motion injury. Medical costs and business income protection is included in the policy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Camera Store Crime Insurance


To protect your camera store from crimes like theft, vandalism and shoplifting, you should first be sure you have proper security measures. This includes screening your employees and having surveillance cameras in your store. However, many crimes occur even with the best security tactics, therefore you should have a crime insurance policy. This type of camera store insurance policy offers financial protection so you don’t suffer the loss if merchandise is stolen or damaged.


Choose from these insurance policies to offer your camera store adequate coverage. By protecting your camera business from the various risks you’re exposed to, you can avoid financial struggle following an unexpected event.