Business Vehicle Advertising Best Practices

You’ve probably seen countless cars driving around town, parked at the local grocery store, and even at kids’ little sports games and practices that have signs promoting one business or another. Some cars themselves are actually giant advertisements in living color for various business entities and organizations.


You may even be wondering just how successful this business tactic really is. After all, buses have been selling advertisements for years. But, before you decide to drive around town with your business information painted all over your car, it’s a good idea to engage in a little fact finding mission.


How Effective is Vehicular Advertising?


According to a study by Driving Revenues, vehicle signs generate 8.4 million impressions each year on average. For most business, however, the traffic or impressions aren’t highly targeted impressions. However, the sheer number of impressions is sure to get results. Overall, this is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising currently available to most business owners.


Choose Vehicle Advertising Mediums You’re Comfortable Using


There are several different options available when it comes to vehicle advertising. How much advertising are you really comfortable with? This really is something you need to think carefully about when making your choice. Where will the vehicle be driven? Will you be driving it to school functions? On family vacations? To church? How comfortable are you with vehicle signs in these circumstances? How much signage are you comfortable with in these situations?


Magnetic Signs – For some, a simple magnetic sign will do the trick. They are easy to apply and you can remove them when you switch vehicles. This makes the magnetic signs highly favorable for those who switch cars often or share driving responsibilities in a business.


Window Clings – These signs are becoming increasingly popular with the “soccer mom” crowd and among home business or party plan consultants. It’s also been a standard for people in fields such as insurance sales. These signs allow you to advertise your business with a window cling that attaches to you window and lets anyone riding or walking behind your vehicle know about your business.


Vehicle Wraps – If you’re looking to boldly go where few have dared to go before, then it’s time to get in on the vehicle wrap craze that turns your entire automobile into an advertisement for your business. The wraps work most effectively, but you can’t easily remove a wrap the way you can take off a window cling or magnetic sign.


Considerations Before Beginning


Take the time to check for laws in your community before you decide to use vehicle signs. Many communities don’t have laws prohibiting them, but there may be regulations in place regarding those signs or may even require you to register the vehicle as a business vehicle if you do.


You should also make sure vehicle signs are not banned by your neighborhood association if you have one. It may be that you must park in your garage or remove the sign before parking overnight.


Finally, choose your signs and the information they reveal carefully. You want to provide an adequate amount of information to make your message clear but also keep the sign free of clutter and easy to read on the go. Then all that remains is to drive safely, keep your car and car sign clean, and enjoy the profits that are sure to come your way as a result of your vehicle advertising efforts.