Business Insurance Agents – Do I Need One?

If you are considering purchasing insurance coverage for your small business, at some point you’re probably wondering about business insurance agents – do I need one? Small business insurance can be a complex arena, with many things to consider before deciding on the type and amount of coverage needed to protect you and your business. For this reason, anyone contemplating business insurance should seek assistance from a reputable business insurance agent.


One of the most compelling arguments to the question “business insurance agents – do I need one?” is the fact that a business insurance agent is an expert at commercial insurance coverages and the risks that small businesses face. Because they work with a high volume of small businesses every day and focus on the needs and protections of a small business owner, BOLT business insurance agents make sure your business is adequately covered.


How BOLT Business Insurance Agents are Different


Traditional local insurance agents spend most of their time selling and servicing auto and home insurance, rather than small business insurance; they don’t promote selling small business insurance policies because it’s a lot more work for a lot less commission.


On the other hand, BOLT focuses only on business insurance, so our business insurance agents know the risks small businesses face extremely well. We speak to thousands of business owners every day so we understand the risks of virtually any business through-and-through. BOLT insurance agents take the time to explain the risks you face in your business and industry so that you get the necessary coverage to protect your unique business.


BOLT business insurance agents are available six days a week to help you. Plus, every BOLT agent is licensed in all 50 states, so regardless of where your small business is located we can help. In addition, rest assured that any BOLT representative can help in an emergency thanks to our superior custom technology.


At BOLT, we don’t offer the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all business insurance plan. We tailor your small business insurance coverage to your unique business needs. Because we know the dynamic business environment businesses are in today, our insurance plans allow you to change your coverage as your business changes.


We know that no two businesses are exactly alike, and we are dedicated and committed to offering flexible and custom-made coverage tailored to your unique small business needs. Our small business insurance expertise, exceptional customer services, and commitment to protecting small business from the risks they face are just a few of the reasons that make us different. So, the next time you are asking yourself “business insurance agents – do I need one?”. You’ll know the answer.