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If you are concerned with the risks of having a burglar break into your home, you might want to read on. In the United States, there are around four burglaries that happen every minute. That equates to one burglary every 15 seconds. Between the years 2003 through 2007 alone, there are an average of 3.7 million home break ins every year which totals to around 18.5 million total burglaries over that 5 year span. Also, 85 percent of police officials who were surveyed believed that by having a home security system installed actually deterred thieves from trying to break in.  If you have been wondering if you should get a home security system yourself for you home, keep these facts below in mind.

Breaking into Homes

Here are some statistics on home burglaries:

  • On average, approximately 60 percent of thieves gained access into a home with forced entry. Surprisingly, 30 percent of them were able to get into a home through a window, unlocked door or simply walking in without having to resort to force.
  • Thieves tend to hunt around residential areas. In 2010, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that over 73 percent of break-ins happened in residential areas.
  • In 2010, victims of home break-ins suffered approximately $4.6 billion in lost belongings, with the overall approximate dollar loss for each offense being $2,119.

 Motor Vehicle Burglary

Here are some statistics on motor vehicle burglaries:

  • A motor vehicle theft occurs every 8 seconds.
  • Each day, there are over 2,500 vehicles stolen, equating to around two vehicles a minute.

Number of Burglaries

Here are some statistics on the number of burglaries:

  • There were approximately 1,928,465 thefts in 2013 which is an 6 percent decrease when compared with data in 2012.
  • There was a 5 percent decrease in the number of burglaries when compared with data in 2009 and another 10.1 percent decrease from 2004 statistics.

Typically, the perpetrators are looking for things like laptops, jewelry, cash, small electronics (GPS, Ipods, MP-3’s, PDA’s and CD’s) and digital cameras. Hunting for cash is usually to support a drug habit. You can reduce your risk of being a target of burglary by getting yourself some type of security system. Home security systems increase the probability of thieves being caught and usually, thieves will simply bypass a home where they think there is a security system installed.

While these burglary statistics sound daunting, be sure you are covered by adequate homeowners insurance and personal auto insurance in the event that you are a victim of a burglary or theft.
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