BOP Insurance for Small Businesses

When you’re a small business owner you typically have more things to do and worry

about than the average individual and those are probably just to keep your business

running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. The joy of owning your own business and

being your own boss is worth all the hard work. But, one of the worst things imaginable

that could happen to your small business is if something out of your control unexpectedly

happened and set you back financially, or worse yet put you out of business for



Many small business owners choose to free up some of their worry by protecting their

business with coverage from a BOP insurance policy. BOP insurance (also known as

Business Owners Policy insurance) is one of the most common insurance policies for

small businesses. BOP’s popularity is primarily due to the fact that it combines

both liability coverage and property coverage under one easy-to-purchase business

insurance policy. Many qualifying business are able to purchase BOP insurance for

less than it would cost to purchase liability coverage and property coverage separately

in addition to also making it economically feasible for small and medium businesses.


BOP insurance coverage won’t cover all of your business needs such as worker’s compensation

insurance, commercial auto insurance, or other specific insurance coverage’s related

to your unique business. But it is rather wide-spread coverage and can cover areas

such as business income insurance, bodily injury or property damage liability, personal

and advertising injury coverage, equipment breakdown or damage coverage, medical

payments coverage, and property insurance to name just a few.


BOP Insurance, since it is one of the most common insurance policies for small businesses

is one that you should consider if you are hesitant about having insurance for your

small business.