The Best Security Products for Your Smart Home

A smart home is one equipped with products that are connected to a network and can be controlled remotely by an electronic device. By some estimates, over half of homes today contain at least one smart product. Increased efficiency, comfort, connectivity, and convenience are some of the advantages that smart homes offer, but the reason many people invest in smart home technology is for security purposes. There are many excellent smart home security products on the market that protect homes and families from security threats.



The first line of defense in your house is the door. It’s easy and common to forget to lock a door when you leave or when you go to bed at night. A smart lock allows you to control the lock from a smart device, even remotely. You can also purchase smart locks that have key codes for entry, rather than using a physical key, to save the trouble to hiding keys for guests to get in or running into problems when you lose your keys. Yale, Schlage and August are the top-of-the-line brands for smart locks on the market today.



Security cameras are useful in preventing home security breaches. The simple presence of cameras or a security system can deter potential intruders. Cameras can be used to check on your home while you’re away, or to check outside while you remain safely indoors. With a camera installed in your garage, you’ll never have to drive back home to check to make sure you closed the garage door. In the unfortunate case you are broken into, cameras can be used to provide evidence. Prior to smart technology, all security camera recording lived on DVRs or other systems that are often difficult and time-consuming to access. With a smart home security camera system, you can immediately view live feed from an app on your phone or a screen in your home.



Smart lights are one of the easiest-to-implement security devices for home. Motion-activated lights outside your home are another method of deterrent. You can also control smart lights from your device when you are out of town and set programs to turn lights on and off at certain times. There is a wide variety of options for smart lights including actual smart light bulbs (such as those available from Philips or GE) or devices such as the Wemo smart plug that you can plug other lights into.


Smoke and CO2 Detectors

All homes should be outfitted with reliable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. In fact, most home insurance companies require it. These devices keep your home and its occupants safe in the case of a fire or a gas leak. Smart detectors go the extra mile and will send you notifications on your phone when tests are run. Many models have speakers that keep you alerted to emergency situations and will direct you to evacuate if necessary, while alerting emergency responders.


Protect Your Home

The safety features offered by smart home technology are increasing the peace of mind and personal protection of homeowners everywhere. However, smart devices can only do so much. A completely protected home security plan includes reliable homeowners insurance, too. Contact BOLT Insurance today to get help finding the best deal on the insurance protection you need.