Benefits of Window Security Film

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We all worry about the security of our homes and businesses, and do all we can do ensure everything remains as theft and damage-proof as possible. Fitting sturdy locks to outside doors and using burglar alarms is commonplace, however, how many people think about ways of reinforcing their existing window glass?

In general, glass, with the exception of the tempered variety, isn’t designed to resist any event that puts it under any undue or sudden force, and is therefore not robust enough to withstand happenings such as forced entry, storm damage, or vandalism. What’s more, if a glass pane breaks, it can shatter into dangerous shards that can hurt people or animals close by.

When thinking of purchasing new windows, it’s worth looking at upgrading to shatterproof glass, however if this isn’t within budget, adding security film is a cheaper alternative. Using window security film on your glass helps toughen it significantly. In fact, there are many benefits of using window security film to toughen glass, here we take a look at some of the most important.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of window security film, the fact that it acts as a security deterrent, is one of its most attractive features. Using the film on windows and glass doors shows criminals that the property is not an easy target, and will make them aware that it’s likely that many other security measures will also have been taken. Therefore, the property is less likely to be targeted.

In the event that it is targeted, it will take longer for a thief to break in, making him more likely to be caught.

Helps Keep Glass in its Place

If there is some form of projectile trauma, such as a bullet, rock, or baseball to a window covered with security film, the film ensures the glass will not shatter into shards, and that people close to it will not be injured.

UV Protection

As well as the security aspect of window films, they are also often used to protect people, equipment, and fabrics inside a building from UV light.


If a home, or office faces onto a busy public street, people can be blocked from looking in by using window film on the windows to obscure their view.

Keeping Cool

A huge added benefit of window security film is that it can keep heat out of a work or living space, thus ensuring the environment is a pleasant, and comfortable one to live in.

No one likes to think of having a window break in, however, it’s very important to take precautions such as fitting window security film in advance, as well as having the right protection through homeowners insurance.