Benefits of Surveillance Cameras in Retail Stores

Retail stores tend to have a high rate of shoplifting simply because thieves have more opportunity to steal. For this reason, having surveillance cameras in retail stores is vital to protect your store’s goods, as well as track — and potentially catch — a potential shoplifter. Surveillance cameras can also catch other acts inside your store such as mugging, employee theft, and monitor employee’s actions and behavior more closely. Surveillance cameras come in a variety of styles and price ranges. But no matter what type you decide to install in your store, you know you are giving your store additional security and receiving the following benefits of surveillance cameras in retail stores.

There are a number of benefits to having surveillance cameras in a retail store; all of which make it essential that if you operate a retail store, to seriously consider having a surveillance camera installed.

Safeguards against Muggers

The security you get from surveillance cameras may be beneficial in preventing certain types of violent crimes or assaults on customers, like mugging. Unfortunately, mugging in retail stores is a fairly common occurrence. However, having surveillance cameras in your store while having security personnel keeping a close eye on everything going on in the store, you may be able to prevent violence from continuing or getting out of hand. Not only does it help catch someone acting suspiciously, but muggers might notice the cameras and resist committing a crime in your store.


Monitor Employee Behavior

Your company has a list of policies, rules, and regulations that you expect all of your employees to follow; but the only way to be entirely sure they’re being followed is to monitor your employee’s behavior. Surveillance cameras allow you to do this, as well as helping employees resist doing things against company rules as they are aware of the cameras placed throughout the store.

Curtail Shoplifting

Surveillance cameras are highly beneficial in preventing acts of shoplifting, or at the very least, giving your security staff a way to identify people who have shoplifted and left the store. By placing cameras throughout the store, security staff can keep a close eye on customers to ensure they’re not trying to hide goods in their purses, jacket pockets, or other personal belongings. Having these cameras in places where they are visible to customers may also prevent the customer from even attempting to shoplift for fear of being caught.

Curtail Employee Theft

Having several surveillance cameras installed throughout your retail store can reduce the chances of employee theft. Placing the cameras throughout the store in shopping aisles, near the cash registers, and in back rooms or storage rooms will help minimize employee theft or hopefully eliminate it altogether.

Minimize Insurance Cost

Retail stores that have surveillance cameras installed are able to state this on their insurance applications, and therefore potentially receive insurance discounts. Many insurance companies see this as an extra security measure because it reduces theft and shoplifting occurrences.

While shoplifting can sometimes be a problem in retail stores, specifically larger stores, it is possible to prevent it with proper security measures. One of the best preventative measures you can take is installing surveillance cameras throughout your store, and rest easy knowing your store is secure and protected.