Benefits of Kill Switches

If you have a company vehicle or maintain a fleet of vehicles for your business, you certainly want to ensure they are safe from theft and other vehicle-related crimes at all times. Unfortunately, alarm systems are not always the most convenient way to do that. Luckily, you have the option of a kill switch. Not only are they affordable and require no maintenance for you, but they often deter criminals, allowing you to keep your vehicles intact. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of kill switches for your fleet.

What is a Kill Switch?

A kill switch is a device located in your vehicle that can shut off a vehicle in an emergency situation. Not only is it beneficial in a situation where you need your vehicle to stop automatically, but also when you want to prevent someone from starting your vehicle. Only the person operating the vehicle will know there is a kill switch, where it is located, and how to operate it.

Thieves Avoid Cars with Kill Switches

Kill switches are not criminal-proof, but they definitely deter them. The kill switch slows down a thief because not only do they have to wire the car to start, but they need to find the kill switch and figure out how to deactivate it so that they can start the vehicle. Many thieves will leave a vehicle as it is when they discover it has a kill switch, thus protecting your vehicle from theft.

Drivers Avoid Serious Injury

Kill switches are also a great way to stop a vehicle in an emergency situation. If you have a driver that is delivering packages, and the truck’s brakes go out temporarily, this could mean a serious accident for your driver and anyone else on the road at the time. Instead of struggling to find somewhere to force the vehicle to a stop, the driver can pull the kill switch as they pull over to a safe place, providing the best possible way to stop the vehicle in its tracks.

Vehicle Insurance Discount

A benefit you might have not considered involves your auto insurance policy. Many commercial auto insurance policies may include a discount if you have safety devices in the vehicle, such as a kill switch. Insurance companies know such features help to prevent theft and reduce potential damage from an accident, so they will give you a discount on your policy.

Aside from auto insurance, you should also have a commercial crime insurance policy that covers thefts, regardless of whether or not you have a kill switch.