Benefits of a GPS Theft Recovery System for Your Small Business

Despite your best efforts, as a business owner, to protect your vehicles and equipment, they sometimes get stolen. Automobile theft is so problematic that police often have little more to offer than to take your information and hope something shakes out. However, if you have a GPS theft recovery system for your small business vehicle, then you have something more to give police to aid them in tracking and recovery of your vehicle. However, the benefits of GPS tracking go beyond the obvious. Here are a few reasons all businesses need to carefully consider a GPS theft recovery system for their vehicles.


Lower Insurance Rates


Active GPS tracking systems on vehicles not only makes the recovery of stolen vehicles more likely, but it also makes it more likely that the vehicles will be recovered before major damage has been done to them. Depending on the specific type of GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle, it is even possible for the vehicle to be slowed and then disabled while in operation – preventing accidents, high speed chases, and the potential arrival at an auto shop where stolen vehicles are often dismantled for parts. Insurance companies understand the reduction of risks and are often happy to reward businesses that invest in GPS tracking systems for theft recovery as a result.


Deterrent for Thieves


Depending on the visibility of the GPS tracking system in your company vehicles, they could serve as an actual deterrent for thieves of opportunity. Due to the steady rise in use of GPS theft recovery systems, the FBI reported a 17 drop in vehicle thefts from 2008 to 2009 reports the NY Times. This is huge news, and evidence of the important roles GPS devices play in deterring vehicle thefts, when you consider that the National Insurance Crime Bureau stated in 2009 that a “vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds.”


Faster Recovery of Stolen Vehicles


The faster stolen vehicles are recovered, generally speaking, the less damage has been done to them. As a business owner, you want fast recovery of any stolen vehicles. You want the recovery to happen before vehicles are stripped of parts, damaged, or even totaled in accidents (more common with teen joy riders or people fleeing crimes).


Monitor Drivers


Oddly enough, another major benefit of GPS theft recovery devices is that they can be used to monitor the driving habits, and even issue driving report cards, of the people who drive your company vehicles. Remember that these people represent your business when they’re driving the roads in your company vehicles. You need to know how they’re driving and what their driving is telling the general public about your company.


Businesses today can enjoy many benefits, some of them not as obvious as you’d think, by investing in GPS theft recovery systems for all company vehicles. If it’s something your business isn’t doing currently, you may want to consider changing that situation in the near future.