Beauty Salon Insurance Quotes

Insurance policies tailored for the unique needs of Salon and Spa Owners and Stylists from America’s Small Business Insurance Experts.

In addition to the standard policies recommended for Salons, Spas and Barbershops, a sample of coverages included or available as additional Beauty Salon Insurance Coverages are:


    • Voluntary Property Damage – Provides coverage for damage you cause to customers’ property or home this is in your control or care when working off workplace premises.


    • Additional Insured – Refers to individuals or entities not automatically insured under a standard policy, but receives some protection under additional insured liability endorsement.


    • Fire legal Liability – Provides tenant’s liability coverage for damage by fire to rented premises


    • Additional Liability Exposure for any Spa Services Such as Pedicures, Skin Treatments, or Massages


    • Professional Liability Insurance – Protects you in the case that a client claims that you made a mistake while servicing them, such as damage caused by perms, coloring, body wraps, and manicures.



    • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – If you store your client’s important hair color formulas in your computer and your computer’s hard drive crashes wiping out all this information, you may be out of luck because standard property insurance typically won’t cover high-tech equipment breakdowns. That’s where equipment breakdown coverage can fill in the gaps.


    • Lost Key Coverage – In the event of a lost master key, a lost key coverage endorsement provides coverage to refit your salon with new locks and keys.


    • Building and Structures.


    • Appurtenant Structures – Represents coverage for other real property structures of lesser value located on the same premises as the main structure covered under the property insurance policy. An example would be a storage shed.


    • Business Income / Extra Expense – Another available add on, business income/extra expense coverage reimburses your beauty salon business for lost revenues due to downtime caused by loss or damage to your property. Extra expenses incurred to minimize or avoid suspension of your business operations are also covered.


    • Newly Constructed or Acquired Buildings – Provides coverage for new buildings being constructed or buildings acquired at a new location, if intended for a similar use or to be used as a warehouse.


    • Business Crime – In the event of losses resulting in business-related crime, such as forgery, robbery, embezzlement, or other forms of business-related crime, business crime insurance can cover money, property, or merchandise loss.


    • EDP Equipment Coverage – Insurance that covers computer equipment, software, data systems, upgrades and other expenses relating to EDP losses not covered in your standard property insurance policy.


    • Glass Breakage – Glass breakage damages may not be covered in your standard property insurance policy, but glass breakage add on policy will fill in the gap.


    • Accounts Receivable Coverage – Provides coverage from losses sustained to accounts receivables records as a result of a covered peril. For example, if sums of money are noncollectable from customers due to a loss of records.


    • Sewer or Drain Backups – Losses incurred due to sewer or drain backups can be covered by purchasing a special sewer or drain backup rider. Since beauty salons are more susceptible to drain back up from hair-clogged drains, this is a worthwhile add-on rider to consider.


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