Barber Shop Insurance

A barber shop is mainly for hair cutting, styling, and shaving of men, but occasionally women will get haircuts from the same hair shop. Most barber shops only include the basic hair cutting techniques, but not hair coloring or additional cosmetic services that beauty salons will offer. However, even barber shops have risks associated with their profession. Cutting a client’s hair in a way they didn’t specify or accidentally nicking their face while shaving could lead to a lawsuit. Other risks are common for most business including property and products risks. By obtaining barber shop insurance you are able to protect your shop from all types of risks.

Types of Barber Shop Insurance


Insurance for barber shops cover most risks your shop will need to be concerned about, including the following:

Barber General Liability Insurance


If you get just one type of business insurance for your barber shop, it should be general liability insurance. General liability covers any type of lawsuit resulting from customers visiting your shop or services you provide. General liability insurance for barber shops includes completed operations, like a lawsuit from giving a customer the wrong haircut and premises liability covering costs related to a customer harming themselves while in your shop. If a customer was to purchase a product from you, such as a type of shampoo, and gets an allergic reaction, you can be sued for damages; products liability is also included in general liability.

Barber Property Insurance


Your barber shop might also need property insurance, which covers any type of damage done to your business property and its contents. For example, water from a faulty sink can cause a flood in the building that affects your electrical wiring and in turn cause a fire. This can damage your equipment, furniture, and the building itself. Property insurance will help to cover the damage along with replacing anything that was destroyed.

Barber Product Liability Insurance


As a barber shop owner, you no doubt sell a variety of products ranging from shaving cream to shampoo and conditioner. If the products you sell causes damage or harm to a customer, such as an allergic reaction, they can sue you for damages. For example, if you sell an electric shaver to a customer that malfunctions during the first use causing a gash in their face or head, they can sue you for medical costs. Product liability insurance can help cover these costs.

Barber Crime Insurance


Customers frequently pay for barber shop services via cash, which means you undoubtedly have a large amount of cash on your premises at any given time, making you liable for crimes including theft most of all. Employees, customers and passersby put you at risk of theft and the potential loss from the theft. Crime insurance cover all types of crimes including theft, vandalism, shoplifting (such as the products you sell) and dishonest employee practices.

Barber Professional Liability Insurance


Another type of barber shop insurance policy is professional liability insurance. Sometimes called errors and omissions, professional liability will cover any damages caused by the work you have completed. For example, a previous customer can sue you if after they left your barber shop, realized you cut their neck during the haircut or if you provide hair coloring services, and it turned an odd color, you can be sued. Professional liability insurance will cover these and similar lawsuits.

Barber Business Owners Insurance


If you’re looking for insurance for barber shops that will cover a variety of risks, a business owners insurance policy may be the best option. A business owners policy (BOP) is a package policy that combines different coverages into one policy, such as electronic data, newly acquired buildings, building and contents, dishonest employee coverage, and business income or extra expense. If there was a natural disaster in your area that caused damage to your building and contents, the BOP can cover repairs and replacements of barber shop equipment as well as help cover the business income you lose while the repairs are being done.

Barber Workers’ Compensation


If you have at least one employee in your barber shop, they should be covered by worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s comp will provide coverage to workers from any business-related illness or injury. While the risk is low in a barber shop, it is still possible. An employee can trip over a box of supplies, water in the bathroom, or even a pile of hair. This can result in an injury and associated medical costs. Worker’s comp will cover these costs along with keeping you from being liable.

Barber shop insurance can keep your business afloat in the event of any of these risks and others not listed. When choosing business insurance for your barber shop, take into account the risks that are likely as well as those you can’t protect yourself from in any other way.